Growing a Community with Next-Level Support & Analytics: The Lambgoat Story

Immediate Ad Revenue Increase

Within the first two months of adding Playwire’s tags to their website, Lambgoat saw a 50% revenue uplift.

Websites (& Growing)
The number of sites the Lambgoat team has already migrated to Playwire’s RAMP Platform.
Over a quarter of Lambgoat's revenue comes from video ads and placements.


Lambgoat is the go-to digital space for the hardcore, metal, and all other forms of extreme music community to connect, share, and get involved. Started in 1999, Lambgoat has covered everything from tour reviews and news to band spotlights and deep dives into the rich history of the heavy-metal genre. Much more than a news site, Lambgoat has evolved into a multi-platform media company dedicated to growing the scene and connecting industry veterans and new fans alike.

Playwire: Offering
Tools and Support
to Empower Growth

Before embarking on the ad monetization journey with Playwire, Lambgoat bounced between providers, from industry-specific ad networks to big-name monetization providers, none of which provided the fuel needed to grow the brand quite like Playwire has been able to.

With Playwire, the Lambgoat team now has access to the analytics they need to build a sustainable business for an entire network of sites and, more importantly, the dedicated team that drives their content. As Lambgoat and the brands under their umbrella grow, Playwire is here to help during every step of the journey.

For Lambgoat, the benefits of working with Playwire come down to several key differentiators:

What's become important for us, to make it sustainable for our team, is to do a revenue split with our writers, and having transparent access to metrics like RPM per article is essential. With Playwire, we can track each article, helping us keep our writing team happy.
Dylan Tarre
Owner, Lambgoat

Partner Support

The Lambgoat team are passionate creators; monetization is not their first language. With Playwire’s unparalleled support, they have access to expert support to ensure their unique needs are met.

Powerful Analytics

With previous ad tech providers, Lambgoat was blind to how their content drove revenue. Playwire’s powerful Advanced Yield Analytics offer insight into what’s driving RPMs, which is critical for their revenue-sharing creator model.


Empowering Growth

The revenue impact provided by Playwire, and the ease of ad management at scale, means that Lambgoat has been able to expand its portfolio, effortlessly adding new sites at will, and growing a powerful music community.

Advanced Analytics
to Power Community Expansion

While Lambgoat might be one site, LG Media, the parent company of the Lambgoat brand, handles dozens of smaller music websites. With other monetization providers, the team just didn’t have access to the analytics they needed to support the hard-working content creators across their entire network, but with Playwire they do.

Playwire provided the tools they needed to develop deeper insights into what’s working, and what isn’t, allowing them to make key business decisions quickly. Additionally, those same analytics can now power their revenue-sharing model with writers.

Here, transparency is key. As LG Media recruits more metal-focused sites and influencers, the ability to snapshot growth is critical to sustainability and keeping the creators that power every site happy. More importantly, though, Playwire’s tools are simple to integrate and set up, saving the Lambgoat team critical time and resources as they continue to build their community.

The Playwire team is super responsive and supportive. They’re there to work with us, going back and forth, to make everything work. If I have any questions, I can always ask.
Dylan Tarre
Owner, Lambgoat

Empowering Publishers
Across Every Vertical

Playwire's success is intertwined with the success of its publishers. We aim to arm publishers and content creators across unlimited verticals with the tools they need for growth, fostering a partnership based on trust. This approach is why partners like Lambgoat consistently choose Playwire.

Playwire has been more than open and receptive to the small sites under the LG Media Network umbrella. They’re helping us out, spending time on these smaller partners, and growing with us every step of the way.
Dylan Tarre
Owner, Lambgoat

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