How LEVVVEL Doubled Ad Revenue with Playwire

Daily Ad Revenue

LEVVVEL doubled their previous daily ad revenue when they switched to Playwire.

Direct Sales
Higher CPMS

On average, LEVVVEL sees 547% higher CPMs for directly sold inventory than for traditionally programmatic demand.

Video Units
Higher CPMS

On average, LEVVVEL sees 1,056% higher CPMs for Trendi video units than for traditional display.

Flex Leaderboard
Higher CPMS

On average, LEVVVEL sees 2,010% higher CPMs for their Flex Leaderboard unit than for traditional display.


LEVVVEL is run by a group of gamers and tech nerds giving their keyboards, controllers, and phones a break to pool all their knowledge for enthusiasts across the world to use. At LEVVVEL, gamers can find all they need to not only understand the tech that drives good gaming but to choose the best gear for their setup. The best gaming experiences start at LEVVVEL.

“We immediately doubled our daily ad revenue when we switched to Playwire.”

Deni Latic
CEO Delati Group

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Getting Started
With Playwire

LEVVVEL originally began working with Playwire in 2020. Following frustrations with top-line ad revenue from their previous monetization partner, the team at LEVVVEL selected Playwire for their wealth of industry experience.
Upon switching, they were immediately greeted with a significant increase in overall ad revenue.

Testing Alternatives and
Coming Back

Like any good executive should do, Deni still questioned whether LEVVVEL was generating the maximum revenue it could be. After receiving some pretty lofty promises from another monetization solution provider, Deni and the LEVVVEL team chose to give the vendor a spin.

Immediately upon testing, earnings plummeted. So Deni and team returned to the platform they knew could drive real ad revenue, Playwire’s RAMP Platform.

Ultimately, the competing vendor over-promised and under-delivered. Playwire was ready to pick up the slack.
Deni Latic
CEO Delati Group

What Sets

If you ask the team at LEVVVEL, they’ll tell you what they value in their relationship with Playwire comes down to 2 R’s:


Having direct access to an account manager, and the level of service and responsiveness they provide, has been a huge asset to the LEVVVEL team.


Ultimately, Playwire delivers the most top-line revenue of any solution the LEVVVEL team tested, making it the easy choice.

“I’ve been incredibly impressed at the responsiveness for any inquiry, request, or issue I’ve sent to the partner success team.”

Deni Latic
CEO Delati Group


Some of the ways the RAMP Platform helps deliver increased revenue to LEVVVEL include:

Direct Sales

Playwire’s global direct sales team has helped bring premium brand campaigns to LEVVVEL including deals with Dell and Alienware.

Revenue Intelligence®

RAMP’s proprietary Revenue Intelligence algorithm helps to drive higher CPMs across all ad units when compared to other monetization solutions they’ve tested.

High-Impact Ad Units

The variety of ad formats, particularly video ad units and the Flex Leaderboard unit, have significantly increased LEVVVEL’s average CPM.

“It’s a huge asset that Playwire has their own direct sales team. They’ve been able to get us access to premium brands we never would have otherwise been able to reach.”

Deni Latic
CEO Delati Group

A True

Never content to be stagnant, Playwire is always deeply invested in partnerships with publishers. There are always things that can be done better, and LEVVVEL’s relationship with Playwire is one of mutual respect and growth.

Thanks to the feedback provided by Deni and the LEVVVEL team, there are plenty of additional product updates in progress, including advances in reporting capabilities and platform features to continue to streamline LEVVVEL’s operations.

It’s simple: you’ll get lots of emails from vendors making promises they can’t keep, but it’s what goes on behind the scenes that counts. And Playwire puts in the work behind the scenes that drives higher ad revenue for us.
Deni Latic
CEO Delati Group

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