"Revenue" is the money publishers, content creators, and digital entrepreneurs like you generate. "Intelligence" is the reasoning and critical thinking you use to bring in revenue.

What then, is Revenue Intelligence® (affectionately referred to here as RI)? Something that goes much deeper — and has much more impact on your bottom line than either of those words alone ever could.

To be more specific, Revenue Intelligence® is a proprietary technology Playwire developed to be driven by a single purpose: to increase digital advertising revenue for publishers.

If it were easy, everybody would be doing it and no publishers would struggle to profit each quarter. But that's not how it is. Increasing yield and bringing in more ad revenue is hard, but our team was determined to develop a framework that made it easier. And we've done it. Here's everything you need to know about Revenue Intelligence.

You won't get Revenue Intelligence® with any other revenue partner within the ad space. Playwire is the only team that has pulled it off, and we're ready to share it with you. All you have to do is contact us.

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Who: Who Does Revenue Intelligence® Help?

The simple answer is, publishers.

You can't understand what Revenue Intelligence® is without first understanding what it does for publishers. On its face, it's relatively simple: Revenue Intelligence® uses data - yours and data from an enormous data warehouse Playwire has built - to make smart, lightning-fast decisions about every digital ad opportunity to maximize yield.

The result, as you might have guessed, is higher revenue for the publishers who use our technology. That's a straightforward outcome from a process that, really, is anything but.

Why: Why is Revenue Intelligence® Needed?

Before jumping into "what" RI is, let's start with why we created it in the first place! As a publisher, getting the most revenue out of the ads on your site is no small task.

At its core, Yield Ops is all about making small changes to settings across your ad tech stack which can maximize revenue across your site. The goal of this process is to find the perfect balance between maximizing CPMs and fill rates. Ultimately, to measure this, we look at a metric called Pageview CPM which measures the total CPM you get per pageview.


And the choices you have of what settings you can test are so vast that no human alone could possibly try them all manually.

  • Settings: There are hundreds of settings you can tweak and custom rules you create. These are the settings inside your ad server and various other places that affect yield, such as your price floors and refresh rates.
  • Variables: There are hundreds of different variables regarding the myriad circumstances that can affect ad revenue and ad placement, such as the geographical location from which your traffic originates or the specific digital advertising legislation in those places.
  • Users: There are thousands of different user data points you can track and use. Every user who visits your site to view your content leaves in their wake a treasure trove of data points. For instance, you may find that half of your traffic bounces within the first 30 seconds, and the other half of your audience stays for five minutes or more on average. You may find that a single user tends to click on digital ads directly. How can you target every single user with the perfect ad strategy for maximum yield?

This leads to millions of possible combinations. No human can tackle all of those millions of combinations, and many of the combinations wouldn’t even make sense to test. So, how is a publisher to proceed?


Enter the intersection of human and machine intelligence with Revenue Intelligence®.

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How: Machine Learning Meets Manual Analysis

So, to tackle these millions of different decisions, and test as many of them as we can across as broad a network as we can, we've developed a process that is as much about smart people as it is about technology.

It all starts from a foundation of data and technology. The only reason we can even take steps to action Revenue Intelligence® is because of the core foundation we've built:

  • Data Management Platform: Our DMP houses a unique set of data and we’ve created specific audience segments that allow us to look at a wide variety of user data points.
  • Video + Display: We have a large network of publishers with a combination of video and display advertising.
  • Demand Partners: We work with the most comprehensive set of demand partners on the market, allowing us access to every type of demand available. 
  • Publisher Network: Our publisher network spans web, app, and desktop applications across a variety of technologies, giving us access to tons of unique ad inventory and many environments for testing.

From that foundation, we have been able to build the truly unique process that is Revenue Intelligence®:


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The process works as follows:

  1. We use RAMP® (Playwire's Revenue Amplification Management Platform) to collect data across thousands of publishers.
  2. Our crack team of Data Scientists analyzes the data looking for patterns and opportunities.
  3. Those opportunities and insights are then handed to our seasoned team of Yield Ops professionals who know exactly how to determine which tests we should run with specific combinations of settings, variables, and user data to see if we can incrementally increase revenue.
  4. Those tests are fed into RAMP® to execute across our network and gain meaningful results.
  5. The insights from those winning tests are then handed over to our data engineers who know how to feed that information into our RI systems to train our machine learning algorithms.
  6. Those learnings now inform decisions on every ad call for every publisher in the network, updating settings and variables, and taking into account user data in a split second to make our publishers more revenue.

It Gets Even Better Every Day

You can probably already tell, but the Playwire team is really proud of Revenue Intelligence®. We've worked hard on it. But the work isn't over. Every day, we pour more resources - time, money, blood, sweat, and so on - into this thing, and it gets better.

Meanwhile, you have the beauty of machine learning in action: the algorithm is designed to learn more and more over time, as more data comes in. We have built the technology to allow all the levers to be moved, and all the factors to be adjusted. It's great for publishers now and is only getting better.

Revenue Intelligence Gets You More

What is Revenue Intelligence®? It’s how you get more revenue — minus all the failed tests, lost time, and missed revenue opportunities. It’s part human, part machine learning, and all awesome for publishers and content creators.

We can see how it might sound a little too good to be true. In fact, we’re fine with that because we know it is true. And you don’t have to just take our word for it. Try it and see for yourself. We promise you won’t want to turn back when your revenue cup begins to runneth over.

Ready to get some Revenue Intelligence® in your life? Reach out to Playwire to discuss ad revenue optimization like never before. Simply contact us online.

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