How Manta Simplifies Ad Ops and Maximizes Revenue

Average CPM

RAMP’s Revenue Intelligence algorithm has steadily grown CPMs for, increasing average CPM by 18% year over year.

Flex Leaderboard
Higher CPMS

On average, sees 919% higher CPMs for their Flex Leaderboard unit than for traditional display ads.


Manta is one of the largest online resources dedicated to small businesses. The Manta directory boasts millions of unique visitors every month who search our comprehensive database for individual businesses, industry segments, and geographic-specific listings.

"Playwire is invaluable because they create less stress for me as a leader. They completely take any concerns about ad ops off my plate."

Tommy Le
Product Manager,


What sets
apart has been working with Playwire to monetize their website since 2021. With advertising revenue being the lifeblood of, the relationship is incredibly important to the entire team.
The team chooses to work with Playwire for:


Having access to an expert ad ops team that is always looking for ways to improve’s revenue is irreplaceable.


The Partner Success team is able to take all concerns about ad ops off the internal team, freeing them up to focus on strategic initiatives.


The revenue uplift provided by the Revenue Intelligence® algorithms in the RAMP Platform keeps the business in the green.

The Partner Success team at Playwire is always looking for ways to improve our revenue and even makes recommendations for user experience improvements on the website. It is vital to have a partner so invested in our shared success.
Tommy Le
Product Manager
The level of access I have to technical support is unbelievable. Making changes to our website that could potentially interrupt our revenue flow, is always scary, but Playwire makes it seamless.
Tommy Le
Product Manager
We’ve had a gradual year-over-year decline in traffic, but with Playwire, we haven’t noticed a dip in revenue. Our CPMs keep going up, keeping the revenue flowing.
Tommy Le
Product Manager

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