Alienware Community Showdown With Playwire and Overwolf

Prizes include over $170,000 in Riot Points, multiple Alienware gaming rigs and a special prize for the top player — a contract with Misfits Gaming!



  • Alienware was named the official laptop/PC and monitor sponsor of professional esports franchise Misfits Gaming. This challenge, coined the Alienware Showdown, is separate from that Misfits Gaming sponsorship and is in partnership with Playwire and Overwolf, the PC game app platform that helps gamers master their craft
  • The Alienware Showdown is an online gaming contest in League of Legends where amateur gamers sign on to their favorite influencer’s community and fight others for points – highest rated communities win $170,000 in prizes including Riot Points, Alienware PCs and a year-long paid gaming contract with Misfits Gaming.  
  • Additionally, Misfits Gaming is producing a three-episode video series titled “Mission to Misfits: An Amateur to Pro Story” which follows the grand prize winner on their quest to join a professional esports team.


Deerfield Beach, FL –  Alienware has joined forces with Playwire, Overwolf and Misfits Gaming to launch the Alienware Community Challenge, a six weeks long online competition rewarding League of Legends players for teaming up and fighting for their favorite influencers, starting April 27th.

This competition will connect Alienware to League of Legends communities while empowering amateur gamers to launch a professional career with unprecedented ease.

“Developing authentic experiences that create value for both brands and online communities can be difficult, especially in gaming, but our Alienware Community Showdown has accomplished exactly that,” says SVP of Sales at Playwire, Anthony Alexander. “We have built a platform that puts amateur gamers in the global esports spotlight while helping Alienware connect with the community through an online esports competition that provides unparalleled value and a career in professional gaming. Truly a win-win for everyone.”

Live from April 27th to June 9th, players can join the community showdown by downloading the Alienware Community Showdown App from the Overwolf platform. In the app, players select the influencer community they care about, and fight to gain points for their group.

Each victory and kill gained by a player contributes to the overall score, and the top-scoring communities win the challenge and take home a share of the prizes which include over 2.6M Riot Points, Alienware gaming rigs, trips to E3 and the grand prize mentioned – a contract with Misfits. A live scoreboard showing team performance and ranks will be available on Twitch in any of the participating channels.

League streamers Trick2g, Alicopter, and Bustin, as well as NFL players Ian Johnson and Jordan Jenkins, have already signed up for the challenge to host squads, and even the three-time Grammy winner and film star Ludacris is joining in the fun and leading his own army to battle.

While this showdown is all about winning as a team, we have a special prize for the single best performing player in the contest: The player with the highest amount of points from all communities will be awarded a year-long contract with Misfits Gaming. The winner will be flown to Misfits Gaming HQ to train with team coaches and compete with other pros. His or Her path to glory will be documented in a three-part docuseries, “Mission to Misfits: An Amateur to Pro Story.”

“This is easily one of the coolest events we’ve ever done,” said Uri Marchand, Overwolf CEO, “It isn’t our first rodeo, but it’s by far the biggest community activation to date. It’s a privilege to work alongside the Alienware and Playwire teams to craft a memorable, fun experience for League players and communities. As part of our quest to empower gamers and creators, this time players are not fighting just for Riot Points but for their future – the top achiever in the challenge will get a real-life year-long esports contract with Misfits Gaming, salary included!” The content will be distributed on social and throughout Playwire’s GameZone Group.

Misfits Gaming’s Co-Founder and CEO, Ben Spoont said:  We are excited to add another player to the Misfits Gaming roster in a unique and rewarding way. The ability for a player to show his/her abilities through an open, community showdown is awesome! We can’t wait to see who we will sign! [tbc]

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