Playwire Promotes Ally Rothstein to Team Lead of Publisher Strategy

A global technology company specializing in revenue amplification for publishers and content creators, Playwire has built it's success piece by piece, brick by brick, over the past decade and a half by building the very best team in the business. Now, more than ever before, Playwire is growing exponentially, which wouldn't be possible without the support of a variety of extraordinary team members including Playwire Team Lead of Publisher Strategy, Ally Rothstein.

Get to Know Ally

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In October of 2021, Ally Rothstein first joined the Playwire team as Senior Manager of Partner Success. With about four years of previous experience working in advertising, branding, and technology in various client-facing roles, it was clear that Ally would be a tremendous addition to the team. This was especially clear given her unique ability to connect and communicate with both Playwire team members and our valued partners.

Over the years, Ally more than proved herself as a Senior Manager, helping to grow and maintain Playwire publisher relationships by working with various partners to develop and implement effective digital monetization strategies across their sites.

Fast forward to July of 2023, and Ally's promotion to Team Lead of Publisher Strategy. In her current role, Ally, "is focused on the strategic aspect of publisher partnerships within the direct sales area of the business." This includes acting, "as a consultant to publishers to help optimize campaigns to meet their business goals whether that be with our technology, a publisher's product profile, or understanding industry knowledge."

 When asked what her favorite part about working with Playwire is, Ally said, "Playwire provides a perfect mix of innovative technology, creativity, highly calibrated communication, strategic growth, marketing expertise, and an interesting roster of publisher accounts," continuing, "On top of that, I immediately connected with the people of Playwire, from their industry knowledge to genuine care for one another, which I felt immediately, even in my interview process."

A Passion for Publisher Relationships

"I've never met anyone with as much passion for publisher relationships as Ally," said Stacy Willis, SVP of Marketing and Customer Experience, "She is incredible at building long-lasting connections, deeply understanding publisher businesses, and ultimately driving successful outcomes for the publishers she works with."

Congratulations on your recent promotion, Ally! We look forward to watching you grow and continue thriving as a valued member of the Playwire family.

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