Integrated directly into Playwire Platform, AppNexus PreBid Video yields CPMs 100% higher than the average price on the open video exchange

Playwire, a leading HTML5 video player and monetization platform, today announced a partnership with AppNexus, the world’s leading independent advertising technology company. Playwire selected AppNexus’ newly released PreBid Video offering, which offers video header bidding capabilities in prebid.js, the free and open source solution used by hundreds of publishers, to enable their customers to realize the best market price for their video inventory, while improving user experience through decreased latency.

“As display has shown us, the future of online video ad monetization is header bidding,” said Jayson Dubin, CEO, Playwire. “With AppNexus PreBid Video built directly into Playwire’s platform, we’re able to provide our video publishers with transparent auctions that drive the most yield for their inventory. Already we’ve been able to generate video revenue at CPMs ranging from $15 to $30, and our average PreBid Video CPM is 100% higher than the average price on the open video exchange.”

This new partnership builds on Playwire’s current header bidding video solution, which can easily be embedded into a publisher’s properties without any development work necessary. This technology instantly connects publishers to AppNexus and other major header bidding video partners all pre-configured within the Playwire video player. By offering this solution through prebid.js, more publishers will have the opportunity to achieve maximum revenue for their inventory through transparent, asynchronously run auctions.

“As an aggregator of premium publisher video content and an innovator of video header bidding solutions, Playwire is a key partner as we launch AppNexus PreBid Video,” said Eric Hoffert, SVP Video Technology, AppNexus. “Playwire was able to quickly integrate their video player and video ad server with prebid.js, showing the power of open source customization. They have done this in a way that makes PreBid Video easy to use for their network of video publishers. Playwire brings unique expertise to the technology with a shared objective of always delivering the best results for publishers. We are excited to continue working together to make video more profitable for publishers.“

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About Playwire 
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With clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to individual site owners, Playwire is the only online video player with a built-in ad module and 100% global ad fill. Their services include hosting, encoding, streaming, analytics, distribution, ad sales and ad serving. Together, Playwire works with their partners to maximize the potential of their content strategy, ensuring that they make every view count. To learn more about Playwire, visit or on Twitter @playwire.