How Spelling Bee Solver Saw a 90% Increase By Switching MOnetization Partners

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Ad Revenue Increase

Within the first two months of adding Playwire’s tags to their website, Spelling Bee Solver saw a 20% uplift in ad revenue.

Video and Flex Units
Ad Revenue Increase

Immediately upon incorporating high-impact units including video, flex leaderboards, and flex skins, Spelling Bee Solver saw a 55% revenue increase.

Ad Revenue Uplift

Compared to their previous ad monetization provider, Spelling Bee Solver has welcomed a 90% year-over-year revenue increase.

Spelling Bee Solver

Spelling Bee Solver is a complete database of publicly accessible Spelling Bee data. Based on a print puzzle appearing weekly in The New York Times Magazine, Spelling Bee made its online debut on May 9, 2018. The Spelling Bee Solver website was later started by writer and editor, William Shunn, as a simple online tool to help him find any answers he might have overlooked. Over time, William polished the site, adding more advanced features. Today, players around the world rely on Spelling Bee Solver’s hints and statistics each and every day to help them reach the elusive rank of Queen Bee.

Getting Started
with Playwire

Spelling Bee Solver officially began working with Playwire in August of 2022, coming to Playwire after having tested a few other ad monetization solutions.

Like many publishers, Spelling Bee Solver first began using the introductory tools available within Google AdSense. Once the site began to see more traffic growth, they decided to sign on with a monetization partner to assist with their ad strategy.

Initially, the team at Spelling Bee Solver was content with their previous monetization partner, earning some supplemental revenue. However, it wasn’t long before they recognized inconsistencies in the level of support and top-line ad revenue with this partner.

Luckily, for both Playwire and Spelling Bee Solver, the stars aligned in August of 2022 in the form of a perfectly timed email to William from a Playwire team member.

I get marketing emails all the time from potential advertising partners, and most I just mark as spam, but something about your approach led me to get on a call [with Playwire] and I was just very impressed with everything.
William Shunn
Creator and Owner, Spelling Bee Solver

Frustrated by the results he was seeing with his previous monetization partner, William decided promptly to test Playwire’s solution. The result? An immediate revenue uplift that would only continue to rise in the months to come.

Further, the revenue increase has enabled William to concentrate full-time on the Spelling Bee Solver website as well as a number of other websites that he currently has in development.

Within the first month or so, I saw about a 20% increase in revenue, and by the time the holiday season was rolling around, the revenue was more like a 90% increase over the best month I had ever had with [my previous provider].
William Shunn
Creator and Owner, Spelling Bee Solver

What Sets

If you ask the team at Spelling Bee Solver, they’ll tell you what they value most in their partnership with Playwire are:

Simple Implementation

Getting Playwire set up on the Spelling Been Solver website was simple and seamless.

Advanced Yield Analytics

The ability to integrate Spelling Bee Solver’s own analytics with Playwire’s robust suite of Advanced Yield Analytics with just a few ad tags has opened up a completely new look into the site’s performance.

Responsive Technical Support Team

Having direct access to an account manager and technical support team, including the level of service and rapid response time they provide, has been a huge asset to the Spelling Bee Solver team.

Everyone is always very responsive. Talking to [my previous provider] and trying to get help from them, it didn’t seem like I had access to the technical help that I needed and they just weren’t super responsive in general. It’s completely the opposite with Playwire. The technical support is there.
William Shunn
Creator & Owner, Spelling Bee Solver

The Addition of High-Impact Units

By working with their account manager and Playwire’s technical support team, Spelling Bee Solver has been able to continually optimize their revenue strategy as seen through the very successful addition of video, flex leaderboards, and flex skins several months after they first partnered with Playwire.

Proactive and Innovative Approach

Playwire is deeply committed to the development of new products and solutions to meet the current demands of the industry, which was most recently shown through the development of Playwire’s new Hashed Email API.

I really appreciate the way that Playwire has been so proactive with pushing out the Hashed Email API, which was something that I was trying to figure out how to do on my own, and then all of sudden, you have a solution. Essentially, I just need to meet you halfway and that’s really good for me.
William Shunn
Creator & Owner, Spelling Bee Solver

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