Ad Yield Ops 103: Ad Unit Placements and Settings

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Module Overview + Resources:

In this module, we'll cover ad unit placements and settings.

Within the above video, we'll provide a brief overview of all the lessons that will be covered within this module, including:

  • Why ad unit placements and settings are important
  • Best practices for ad unit placements, settings, and layouts
  • How to avoid ad clutter

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Read the Transcript:

Welcome to ad yield ops 103. This module covers ad unit placements and settings. 

In this module, we'll cover why ad unit placements are important, the goals of managing your ad units and choosing your placements, and the benefits and drawbacks of different strategies for ad unit placement. 

We'll cover the best practices for ad unit placement, including ad location, user experience, ad unit, and ad size best practices. 

And last but not least, we'll discuss how to avoid ad clutter. And this includes mobile ad density and desktop ad density.