Ad Yield Ops 106: Ongoing Yield Performance Management

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Module Overview + Resources:

In this module, we'll cover ongoing yield performance management.

In the video above, we'll provide an overview of the Ad Yield Ops 106 module, which will include more information about:

  • Why yield performance management is important
  • Yield performance metrics to monitor
  • How to identify underlying issues
  • How to correct yield performance issues

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Welcome to ad yield ops 106. This module will cover ongoing yield performance management. 

We'll start by talking through why yield management is important, and why you need to manage it in an ongoing fashion. 

Then we'll jump into alerting and which metrics to monitor to ensure that you are going to catch dips in performance as fast as possible. 

Then we'll cover how you can identify underlying issues. This includes issues with user behavior, ad unit issues, demand source issues, and more. 

And then, last but not least, we'll talk through your strategy for correcting yield issues. This will be a combination of solving issues yourself and working in conjunction with other teams in the organization to fix problems.