Ad Yield Ops 105: Running Yield Tests

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Module Overview + Resources:

In this module, we'll discuss running ad yield tests.

Within the above video, we'll provide an overview of the Ad Yield Ops 105 module, which will include information regarding:

  • Why running yield tests are important
  • How to choose which yield tests to run
  • Running successful yield tests
  • Reviewing the results of your yield tests
  • Building an ongoing yield ops strategy and continual yield optimization

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Welcome to add yield ops 105. This module will cover running your yield tests. 

We'll start by breaking down why a good experimentation strategy is important, the benefits and drawbacks of running different tests, and we'll jump into how to choose which tests to run. 

We'll break down what makes a good test and how you can brainstorm and plan for your yield experimentation. 

From there we'll cover running successful yield tests. This section of the module will break down how you manage your control versus test conditions, help you implement testing best practices and give you some guidance on how to monitor the results of your tests. 

Then we'll jump into how to review your test results. We'll talk through what some expected success rates are for your yield testing and how to implement your winning test results into your operations. 

Last but not least, we'll talk about ongoing strategy and optimization, including ongoing monitoring and retesting of previous test results.