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The Complete Guide to App Advertising


Learn about all things app advertising with this comprehensive guide from our experts.

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Getting Started

Where to Begin

In-app advertising can be a daunting challenge when you're just starting out, but it doesn't have to be!

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Best Practices

Read these simple best advertising practices for app publishers to follow in order to grow their ad revenue sustainably.

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Cost Breakdown

Learn more about what to expect in terms of the costs of app advertising and how to measure app advertising ROI.

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In-App Advertising with Google AdMob


Google's in-app advertising solution, AdMob, makes it easy for mobile app publishers to enter the world of in-app advertising. However, as your strategy advances, you may need to incorporate additional sources of demand beyond Google advertising. Read on to learn everything you need to know about app advertising with Google.

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App Advertising: Building Your App Advertising Revenue

Learn how to build an app monetization strategy that will last for years and scale up as your business grows.

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5 In-App Advertising Revenue Models

Explore five in-app advertising revenue models, including the pros and cons of each, to consider for your mobile app monetization.

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In-App Advertising Revenue Models: CPA vs. CPM

App publishers have a few available online advertising revenue models available to them, the two most popular of which are: CPA and CPM models. Learn more about both and why combining both provides the best overall in-app advertising revenue for app publishers.

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The Complete Guide to In-App Advertising Revenue Generation

In-app advertising comes with a lot of challenges and technical considerations. Learn how to do it right by reading our complete guide to in-app advertising revenue generation.

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Learn how Letterboxd Increased Their YoY App Revenue with Playwire

We saw results immediately and have seen both premium demand and programmatic revenue from their killer combination of direct sales and full-stack revenue amplification.
David Larkin
Strategy and Business Development, Letterboxd


Case Study

243% YoY Increase

By moving their app monetization strategy over to Playwire's RAMP for App Platform, Letterboxd was able to realize an additional 243% YoY ad revenue increase compared to their previous solution.

50% Increase

Increased competition from additional demand, as well as the addition of unique app ad units that advertisers pay a premium for resulted in significantly higher CPMs.

Mobile App Advertising
Desktop App Advertising

In-App Advertising: Mobile Apps vs. Desktop Apps

In-app advertising looks entirely different for mobile apps and desktop apps. Learn the unique needs of each by reading this article.

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A Guide to Mobile App Advertising

Building an effective mobile app advertising strategy can be fairly complex. Read our mobile app advertising guide to learn the basics.

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