Key Points

  • There are two new fields you need to add to your ads.txt file.
  • These fields help delineate between owner-operated domains and domains that use a third party service to manage ads.
  • While there is no hard-and-fast deadline yet, not having these fields in your ads.txt file will eventually cause you to miss out on spend from DSPs.

A new industry-wide mandate for your Ads.txt file is coming down the pipe. The IAB announced the addition of the MANAGERDOMAIN and OWNERDOMAIN fields earlier this year, and DSPs are currently in the process of updating their own processes to reference these fields.

What are These New Ads.txt Fields?


Identifies who is responsible for managing ads on a domain.


Identifies who is the direct owner of the domain.

Why Do You Need Them?

These fields are meant to help buyers differentiate between “owned-and-operated” properties vs. represented properties. In a nutshell: these fields help answer the question of if you own the website and manage the ads, or if you use a third party ad management firm or system.

Neither set-up is better than the other, the only concern would be if you don’t have these properties listed and defined in your ads.txt file (which could cause you to miss out on spend).

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When Do You Need Them?

There is no hard and fast deadline that has yet to be imposed on when it will be a requirement for publishers to have these fields in their ads.txt file. But, there will be a deadline that pops up soon, and if you miss it, you run the risk of missing out on ad spend if your ads.txt file isn’t up to date.

So, essentially, just make the update now and you won’t have to worry about missing a deadline in the future. It won’t hurt you to have it early, so just go ahead and get a jump on it.

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