If you’re an influencer who’s built your revenue stream on social media, it might be time to diversify.

You’re so much more than a creator, you're an entrepreneur. You don’t just run a channel. You run a business. But, are you treating yourself like you do?

The Social Media Landscape

Social media platforms are like fad diets. They come and go. While there are a few that hang around for a while, you rarely hear many positive things about them. Anyone remember Google+, or Clubhouse?

For that matter, when was the last time you talked about how much you liked a social media platform? Or have you complained about something that limited your audience reach, interrupted your experience, or flat-out hurt your revenue generation ability?

And, the big guys, who do hang around for the “long haul,” are really only interested in what you can do for them. As long as they can drive attention to the ads that they make money from, they are happy. And your needs as a business owner using their platform as a medium are secondary.

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Owning vs. Renting

The scary part about tying your livelihood to a social media platform is that a single change to the platform’s algorithm can obliterate your revenue stream in an instant. Social media platforms want what’s best for their pockets, not yours.

Any good business owner knows that owning your revenue stream is far better than renting it, and diversifying the channels through which you make money is just smart business.

So what options do you have?

Influencers are Making Changes

To plan for the future, we are interestingly seeing more and more influencers look to the past. Back to the days when the idea of the “influencer” first began to proliferate and become a viable business option for a significant number of people. Back to the original days of the “blogger.”

Still alive and well, the creator marketplace is thriving. Creators who own their content, and the medium by which they produce it are far more likely to enjoy a consistent, long-term revenue stream.

Influencers are diversifying into this market in droves, creating owned properties for producing their content. In the process, they are shifting their mindset on social media, treating it as an amplification engine rather than the cornerstone of their business.

Instead of creating and housing all of their unique content on social media platforms, they are finding ways to build their own digital media empires and use creative approaches to drive audiences to their owned properties via social media.

… Just like the “bloggers” of yesteryear.

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Treat Yourself Like the Entrepreneur You Are

As you make this shift, make sure to approach it like a business person. Don’t go halfway. Do it right. 

Take stock of how thriving owned digital media empires like GTPlanet have stood the test of time. Started 21 years ago, by a 14-year-old boy after his mother gifted him a domain name, Jordan Greer has invested in the technology to fuel and continue to grow not just a website, but an exceptional audience. 

And Jordan Greer owns every cent generated from that audience.

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