Key Points

  • Understand Your Audience: Identifying what makes your community unique, and using data-driven insights to cater to their interests, is crucial to tailoring your monetization strategies.
  • Trust is Paramount: Prioritize building and maintaining trust within your community to ensure monetization efforts are well-received and sustainable.
  • Diversify Revenue Streams: Explore a variety of monetization methods, from ad placements to affiliate marketing, to ensure a balanced approach that aligns with your community's values.
  • Leverage Experts: Utilize advanced insights and expert guidance from monetization gurus, like Playwire, to refine your monetization strategy, ensuring it contributes to both community engagement and revenue growth.

Before Facebook, X, Instagram, and even blogs, there were forums — the genesis of social media. 

But, while forums and community-based websites might feel like relics of an early age of the Internet, they’re still alive and well. They’ve simply evolved. But, at their core is community building; a skill set, which will always be at the center of developing an audience and keeping them engaged.

Of course, once you have your audience, the allure of revenue becomes a reality. You just have to make sure you’re doing it right, while never forgetting that your audience comes first.  

Balancing revenue generation and your community’s wants and needs is no easy feat, but don’t start stressing yet. Playwire has your back. 

Let’s explore what it takes to effectively monetize your forum or community-based website. In this article, we’ll cover the why behind strategic monetization and uncover some actionable steps you can take to build reliable revenue streams and keep your audience happy.

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Identifying Your Community's Unique Value

With around 5 billion Internet users worldwide, defining your community’s unique value is essential. 

Ask yourself, why are they here and not somewhere else? 

Does your online community focus on race-simulation gaming? Maybe there’s tons of talk around practical parenting tips or guides on how to master the art of breadmaking. Whatever it is, define it. This will play a critical role in what monetization strategies you might want to explore and what advertisers you should work with.

Here, forum-generated data will be critical. But first, you need to find the data:

  • Read through forum posts: Learn more about your audience from your audience.
  • Create surveys: Be direct; allow your audience to help guide your strategic path forward.
  • Create a mailing list your readers don't want to miss: Content is KING!
  • Leverage web scraping tools: Utilize additional means of safe data collection.
  • Use NLP and AI techniques: Take advantage of more technical methods for deeper audience analysis.

Also, don’t forget the bread and butter of analytics, GA4, Google Search Console, and paid tools like Semrush. There are also killer ad tech tools if ad monetization is on your radar, but more on that a little later.

Regardless of where you get your data, use it to inform how you’ll approach monetization. It’s not only about finding what methods fit your audience best but finding what doesn’t (i.e., turning them off) — which brings us to our next critical point.

Building and Maintaining Trust

Community-based sites and forums live on trust more than any other content-based website.

After all, what is a forum without a community? User generated content drives traffic and growth, so don’t skimp on the transparency and trust building. 

Here at Playwire, we’ve seen a common scenario happen repeatedly. 

Publishers see some audience growth and turn the monetization tap on full blast. The result? An audience that turns tail and moves on to the next best option. 

Our advice? Take trust-building seriously. This is your community, after all. Think of monetization as a new way to communicate with them. 

Just like you wouldn’t want someone only talking about things you don’t care about, try to tailor your monetization methods to the needs and desires of your audience.

As you build, keep an eye on critical performance metrics such as viewability and Click-Through Rate (CTR). How are these monetization efforts being received? What’s working, and, more importantly, what’s not. This will help you refine your strategies and build out more effective plans that not only create revenue but strengthen your relationship with your audience.

Direct Forum Monetization

Okay, so you’ve got your audience, have a good idea of what they want, and have a deep understanding of what makes them unique. It’s time to monetize. 

If you’re a community-based website or online forum, you’ve got a few options in terms of direct monetization. These strategies come in a few forms:

  • Affiliate marketing

Think of each method as a key player in your grand monetization orchestra. To fill out the sound and your revenue streams, you need diversity. Having just a percussion section won’t cut it. In our ad monetization symphony, you want to explore all your revenue opportunities. But, just like a great maestro, finding the right balance is up to you.

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Ad Monetization, Done Right

So, how can you play the role of a digital conductor, pleasing both your audience and your pocket?

Well, first of all, each section, from strings to percussion, must harmonize without overpowering one another.

Overloading your site with ads disrupts the melody, causing your audience to seek harmony elsewhere. Conversely, too much restraint and fear of discordant feedback keep your community's growth potential muted.

A skilled conductor listens to the ensemble and the audience alike, ensuring the ad monetization symphony (as well as other direct monetization efforts like affiliate marketing) not only sounds beautiful but also brings in the revenue impact.

Learn some of the best ad layouts for forum or community-based websites in our ad layout recommendation engine.

Tracking Metrics

Once you’ve got your symphony playing all the right notes, don’t think the work has stopped. You're only at the beginning of your monetization journey.

The next step is to experiment, find what works best, and refine your strategies regularly. There is no set-it-and-forget-it monetization strategy.

Here, the right tools make all the difference. Sure, you’ll want to keep a keen eye on things like Google Analytics, but if you’re running ads, a partner with the right ad tech tools will turn your metrics into defined goalposts.

On this front, Playwire is your go-to monetization platform.

Not only have we worked with thousands of publishers over nearly two decades, many in the online forum and community-based site space, but we also have the advanced tools, such as real-time analytics and reporting, you need to grow your business.

Once you have the right metrics in front of you, you’ll need to watch how your monetization strategies either find success or fall flat. Flexibility is key. If something is working, make a note and use it to develop your strategies moving forward. 

The same goes for strategies that fail; this is a key part of the testing process. The last thing you want is to drive away your audience, so pay attention, iterate, and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Other Monetization Methods to Consider

Ad monetization, affiliate links, and sponsored content are only the tip of the iceberg. If you want to dive deeper, and you should for diversification purposes, here are a few additional options to make the most out of your audience (without turning them away, of course):

  • Paid Memberships and Subscriptions: Offering exclusive content, features, or forums to paid community members, is a great way to provide gated value to your audience and build a steady revenue stream. Just ensure the content is worth the cost.
  • Educational Offerings: Host workshops, courses, or webinars for a fee, leveraging experts within the online community or the host's own knowledge.
  • Event-Based Monetization: Organize virtual or physical events, charging for tickets or securing sponsorships.
  • Product and Service Sales: Sell branded merchandise, ebooks, or access to specialized tools relevant to your community's interests.

These are just a few ideas to get you started. Honestly, the limit is how far your creativity can take you. Remember, our goal is to create diversification in revenue streams, so experimentation is a must. 

Even just one of these strategies can take off. Online coursework, for example, is expected to eclipse $33 billion in revenue by 2030. Now, don’t you want a piece of that pie? 

Just make sure you’re keeping to the ethos of providing valuable content, and you’re sure to keep your audience engaged and ready for more.

The Future of Community Monetization with Playwire

From ad monetization to paid memberships, there you have the basics of forum and community-based website monetization. Keep your community happy and growing while building out diverse revenue streams through the implementation of various monetization strategies, and you’ll be in good shape.

Looking for a leg up? Look no further than Playwire

We’ve been helping publishers and content creators make the most out of their monetization strategies for nearly two decades, utilizing the right tools and our expert team. 

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