Key Points

  • Rewarded video ads are a great way to boost revenue without sacrificing user experience.
  • Following key best practices for rewarded video ads can ensure maximum ROI and user experience. 
  • Offer desirable rewards, clearly communicate the process, test multiple ad lengths, and use custom triggers and house ad backfill to maximize the benefits of rewarded video ads.

Rewarded video ads are a type of advertising that allows users to opt-in to watch a short piece of video content in exchange for some sort of reward. The reward could be anything from access to premium content to an extra life in a mobile game. Whatever the reward is, it's meant to incentivize users to watch the ad. 

Because users get to choose to watch rewarded video ads actively, they're generally considered more effective than other types of advertising.

That is, if you do them right. There are plenty of ways to stumble on the way to increased revenue when using rewarded video ads, and we're here to help you navigate through them all.

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Best Practices for Rewarded Video Ads

Here are the five most important best practices when working rewarded video ads into your user experience.

Make Your Rewards Rewarding

Yeah, we know. It seems obvious. But one of the trickiest parts of using rewarded video ads is making sure you strike the right balance of value relative to what you're asking users to do. You need them to say "yes" when you ask them to watch a video ad in the middle of using your app or platform. 

How? By making the payout on the other side worthwhile- and by making sure they actually know what that payout will be. Delivering on your promise is absolutely essential. Users don't mind video advertising generally. But if you make them feel like you've pulled a bait and switch, they won't think fondly of you, your advertisers, or your app.


Be Clear on the Process

It's essential to be transparent about how rewarded video ads work, what rewards are available, and how users can redeem them. 

In any instance where you are using rewarded ads, you want to be really clear about what the user will get on the other side of them. People will only choose to watch an ad if they know they are getting something that is worth it on the other side.

You might even consider continuous messaging, which reminds users of their reward while they watch the ad.

By being upfront and clear, you can build trust with your users and ensure that they keep coming back. Plus, you make them more likely to actually take the action you want them to, which is watching the rewarded ad, and giving you a boost in revenue.

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Perfect Your Ad Length by Testing

There should be no guesswork when it comes to the ideal length for your rewarded video ads. Testing lets you ensure that you choose the best choice from an endless list of options for the ad unit type, ad placement, and ad length. Remember, the goal is for users to stick it out through the entirety of your ads.

Start with a single 30-second ad if you're introducing rewarded video ads for the first time. Analyze your audience response, then test alternatives to see how they affect your users' behavior. You might try:

  • Two 30-second ads in an ad pod
  • One 60-second ad
  • A full-length ad of two minutes or longer, either unskippable or skippable after a set duration.

You want to go as long as you can without frustrating users into bailing out. Also remember that the more valuable your reward, the more you can ask of your users' time and attention.


Employ Custom Triggers

Customizing your event triggers is essential for serving rewarded video ads. Make sure you choose a platform that will not only let you set your own event triggers but will let you track user behaviors using "listeners" which monitor user engagement with your ads.

Backfill with House Ads

As is the case with all ad units, you simply won't be able to fill every rewarded video ad impression. Choose an ad platform that provides you with backfill options that will be ready in the chamber whenever this occurs.

The best backfill options are high-quality house ads that use that premium ad space to promote your own products. 

The #1 Best Practice for Rewarded Video Ads: Use Playwire

Want to make sure that your rewarded video follows all best practices and beyond to maximize revenue and user experience?

Playwire is your best bet. We're passionate about every aspect of using ad revenue to help publishers monetize more profitably. If you're ready to find out how, contact us online today and begin your journey with us.

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