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The Publisher's Guide to Data Management Platforms


Learn everything you need to know about Data Management Platforms with this comprehensive guide from our experts.

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Data Management

What is a DMP?

The quality of a Data Management Platform is as equally about the technology as it is about the data management support that comes with it.

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How Does a DMP work?

A comprehensive data management platform can help publishers collect and action various types of data. Learn more about the process from data collection to targeted advertising here.

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Key Benefits

Learn several short-term and long-term benefits that a Data Management Platform can offer publishers.

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Features to Look For

Not every DMP functions in the same way. Learn a variety of DMP features that you will want and need to know before you can make a decision about which DMP is right for you.

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Playwire's DMP Advertising Solution


A future without third-party cookies can be scary because it's all the industry has ever known, but that's truly the beauty of ad tech. If you watch closely, you'll notice those in the ad tech industry who are not equipped to handle these types of changes and the players who are prepared. Playwire is one of those prepared players.

With Playwire's proprietary DMP advertising solution, driven by first-party data, you can be certain that your campaigns are reaching the right audience. How do we do this? Click below to find out.

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Data Management Platforms

Build vs. Buy

While building anything in ad tech is certainly possible, it's not really probable for most publishers when it comes to Data Management Platforms. Learn more about what building vs. buying a DMP might look like.

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Read our architectural breakdown of a DMP to gain a clearer picture of what building your own might look like, including the challenges associated with doing so, in comparison to integrating a DMP solution with your existing ad tech stack.

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The costs associated with a Data Management Platform are largely based on the features and functionalities included within the platform. Learn more about what some of the associated costs and price ranges may be.

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It’s simple: you’ll get lots of emails from vendors making promises they can’t keep, but it’s what goes on behind the scenes that counts. And Playwire puts in the work behind the scenes that drives higher ad revenue for us.
Deni Latić

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Case Study


Doubled ad revenue after switching to Playwire.


Direct sales drive 7x higher CPMs than indirect.


Video units drive 12x higher CPMs than display.


Flex leaderboard drives 21x higher CPMs than display.

Top Data Management Platforms in 2022


Due to growing privacy regulations, the once-essential world of third-party data is becoming more obsolete every day, while the importance of first-party data grows. However, no matter what shifts occur, data will remain essential to publishers and their ability to grow their revenue, which makes the presence of a quality Data Management Platform paramount to publishers.

There are many DMPs available to explore, each with its own unique features, pros, and cons, but here are several of the top platforms for data management in 2022.


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