Key Points

  • A Data Management Platform (DMP) is a critical and absolutely necessary piece of a publisher's ad tech stack, but it takes a bit of legwork and strategy in order to reap its benefits.
  • When organized and utilized properly, a DMP can take collected data and turn it into actionable insight.
  • Over time, a DMP can provide valuable bits of information to help improve both your short- and long-term digital advertising and content strategies.

In today's data-driven age, it's virtually impossible to run a successful online business without access to customer or audience data. Without having the ability to learn directly from your users' online behavior and actions, it's as if you're standing in front of a closed door guessing what is happening on the other side. A DMP is the key that unlocks that door to mountains of untapped revenue.

As online privacy and data governance increases, the significance of understanding what kind of data publishers can safely continue to collect and use increases as well. There still remains so much unexplored data that most publishers can't afford to lose out on, but often do. A digital warehouse for storing and managing said data, a Data ManagementPlatform is precisely the tool that publishers need to stay ahead of the digital curve.

This article will discuss several benefits that a Data Management Platform can offer publishers. Read on to learn four key benefits of a Data Management Platform.

Playwire's proprietary DMP helps publishers make the most of their unique audience, and remain both GDPR and CCPA compliant, with the end result being increased ad revenue. Interested to learn more about how we do this? Contact us today.

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The Publisher's Guide to Data Management PlatformsThe Publisher's Guide to Data Management Platforms


Increased Ad Revenue

As far as desired benefits of any piece of technology goes, increased revenue is typically at the top of most publishers' lists. And it can certainly be achieved by using a DMP properly.

Making advertising decisions for your site or app based on the data collected and analyzed by a DMP allows you to target ads to the right audiences, at the right time, on the right device, and so on. In other words, a DMP gives you the information you need to serve the most appetizing dish ever made to the world's pickiest eater.

The more audience insight advertisers have access to, the better the decisions they can make about where they place their ads and which specific users to target. This in turn can lead to higher engagement and conversion, brand recognition, and overall performance. For publishers, this is music to your ears because it increases the value of your inventory, which in turn commands higher CPMs (cost-per-mille) and an increase in demand from premium brands and advertisers.

Target the Right Audience

As briefly mentioned above, a DMP can provide helpful insight into the behavior of your target audience. Your users' online behavior and actions can not only help you understand the types of audiences that you are currently attracting but can also help you make adjustments in order to target a different audience altogether.

All the raw data collected by a DMP is rapidly sorted through and segmented, giving you near real-time analytics about your users. As your audience grows and you are able to collect larger quantities of data, you can create even more granular audience segments for more precise targeting.

Keep in mind though that having this ability to scale your data and audience segmentation as you grow is not a feature of every DMP and certainly not something just any publisher can do on their own. While a DMP is a necessary tool for storing and managing your data, if your end goal is to target the right audience, working with a quality data management partner and platform will allow you to take your revenue to new heights.

Simplified and Streamlined Data Management

If you have data, you need a way to store it before you can analyze it. A Data Management Platform is essentially a data warehouse that stores all sorts of data inside. Depending on the DMP you select, they can store or collect first-, second-, and third-party data, across a variety of devices and often from several data sources, and manage it all in one convenient location.

Simply put, it's not about whether or not you need a DMP because that answer is 'yes', but rather the importance of selecting the right one for your business, the one that will help you stand out within the crowded online world. Choose the wrong DMP and you could end up missing out on critical information about your users, unable to view a complete picture of what is and is not working on your site or app.

A quality DMP simplifies and streamlines publishers' data collection process, enabling you to spend less time and money sorting through data and more time building an effective digital strategy through your content and ads.

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Data Management Platform Resource Center

The Complete Data Management Platform Resource Center

Strategic Growth

DMPs not only provide short-term solutions to content and ad campaign issues, but they're also helpful when developing a long-term digital strategy. The most important thing when it comes to your digital property is the distinction. What steps can you take or tools can you implement to help make your website or app distinguish itself?

Proper data analysis can ultimately help drive better results in terms of engagement and CPMs on a campaign-by-campaign basis. These are short-term, immediate results. But just as important is the data that comes as a result of these campaigns over a period of time. These individual metrics analyzed together help publishers to improve their overall strategy and build a more sustainable and successful plan in alignment with their long-term revenue goals.

Bonus Benefits

All the above benefits can lead publishers to more success with their online business, but even more so if you select the right DMP. By that, we mean, when choosing a DMP, there are a few "bonus" benefits that you want to be on the lookout for that most DMPs do NOT include.

Assuming you want to generate the most revenue possible, there are two key bonus benefits that you'll want and need from your DMP.

  1. Working with a DMP partner that can help package your data in such a way that it can be piped directly back to advertisers unlocks premium brand dollars and an overall increase in competition for your inventory.
  2. Additionally, you want to work with a DMP that has access to network-wide audience data that can be combined with your first-party data rather than just data that is available through your site alone.


From there, it's simple math. Access to more data plus pre-packaged custom audience segments sold directly to advertisers equals more publisher revenue.

The Benefits of Playwire's DMP

Every publisher, no matter the size, can benefit from the ability of a DMP to collect, manage, and help offer actionable insight into their data. However, the capabilities of one DMP are not necessarily the capabilities of every DMP.

It's important to understand the benefits of a DMP before you can ask the right questions of any vendor you are considering as your DMP partner. However, we will let you in on a little secret...Playwire's built-in Data ManagementPlatform provides all the benefits of an enterprise-grade DMP without the hefty costs or overwhelming technical integration.

Our DMP technology provides access to premium demand, driving higher CPMs and more direct sales deals, and utilizes first-party data collected from your site that is then enriched by our vast network of publisher data. All of the benefits you're looking for, without the headaches that so often come as a result of integrating with the very best technology. 

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