Flex Skin Ad Unit

One of our highest yield options for web display ads.

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About the Ad Unit

This unit includes a Flex Leaderboard that sticks to the top of the viewport and dynamically inserts a skin in the left and right margins, or empty areas, of your site. This is a high yield feature, activated on high-advertiser-spend campaigns.






This unit is dynamically inserted into the page by our script only when a skin is available to serve.

User Experience

The Flex Skin unit automatically hides any other adhesive unit on the page, keeping ad clutter in check.

High Yield

This is one of the highest yield display options, and one of the most common units sold by our direct sales team.

Requirements for
Flex Skins


Your site background must be transparent in order to let the full site skin show through on the margins and background, but your site content must be opaque to ensure the website copy is legible and not placed against the skin. 


Your site will need to have a maximum height of 150 pixels for the top navigation to ensure no overlap of ads and content.


Your site has to have a content width of 1,100 pixels maximum. Anything wider could prevent the Flex Skin from being fully visible or clickable.

About using
Flex Skins

$25-35 Page view RPM

Flex skins are capable of commanding a $25-35 page view RPM, a massive increase over the traditional display units you'd be using in their place.

About Skins

A positive user experience

Contrary to popular belief, skins do not create a negative user experience. In fact, skins can reduce ad clutter, actually improving overall user experience.

Avoid Ad Clutter

Direct Sales Opportunities

This is one of the most coveted units by direct advertisers; making your site flex skin-ready can bring in lucrative brand dollars and cool custom experiences.

Benefits of Direct Sales

Examples of
Flex Skins


Your Ad Revenue

Accelerate your business and uncomplicate your ad tech stack, because you deserve a partner and a platform that demands more for you.

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