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Rewarded video gives your users a reward, or incentive (defined by you), for spending time watching a full-screen video ad. Users are prompted with the choice to watch the ad to unlock content or reward. Dynamically inserted based on your custom event triggers.

Make a statement! A premium, full-width ad format that adheres to remain in-view as the user scrolls through the site. Format can include video. Dynamically injected into your site by our script.

Sticks to the left or right side of the user’s screen, vertically centered, while they scroll through a page, without blocking content. Unit is dynamically injected into your site, in the proper spot, by our script.

Available sizes: 160x600, 300x600

+ High Yield
Flex Skin

This unit includes a Flex Leaderboard that sticks to the top of the viewport and dynamically inserts a skin in the left and right margins, or empty areas, of your site. This is a high yield feature, activated on high-advertiser-spend campaigns.

A list of your most recent articles from your RSS feed are shown coupled with an ad. Dynamically injected into your site, at a location of your choosing, by our script.

Available sizes: 300x250, 320x50

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