How Advanced Yield Analytics
For GTPlanet


GTPlanet doubled their ad revenue over their previous solution when they joined Playwire.


GTPlanet has been with Playwire for 6 long and fruitful years, with no end in sight.


GTPlanet continues to see increases in year-over-year revenue on the order of 36% growth.


GTPlanet is home to Gran Turismo enthusiasts and has been for over 20 years. A series of racing simulation games developed for PlayStation, Gran Turismo generates plenty of loyal gamers whose excitement extends beyond the digital walls of the game and GTPlanet is where they gather.


Building a
Longstanding Relationship

GTPlanet has been with Playwire for over 6 years now, and in ad tech years, that’s a lifetime. Prior to working with Playwire, GTPlanet experimented with no less than 8 different ad monetization providers, never quite finding the right relationship.

Upon joining Playwire, GTPlanet immediately doubled its ad revenue, providing a great start to a fruitful relationship. But, aside from pure revenue, what has kept Jordan Greer, owner of GTPlanet, with Playwire so long?

It really comes down to three things:

Playwire’s Partner Success team is incredible. They are very responsive, and always eager to help me solve problems. On top of that, Playwire provides sound strategic advice for me to grow my business.
Jordan Greer
Owner, GTPlanet

Customer Service

Because Jordan so highly values the reputation of his website (which is stellar, by the way) and prides himself on providing a great user experience (and not one overly cluttered with ads), he values a service team that is always available and ready to help.


Jordan needs a partner he can trust to put the growth of his business first, and that truly is what has kept him coming back year after year. That trust is built on transparency and access to all of the data Jordan needs to understand how revenue is earned.


Product Development

Because Playwire places such a heavy investment in developing extra features and products that allow Publishers to more effectively run their own business, they transcend the typical “revenue only” relationship most ad monetization providers offer.

The transparency is incredible. As a publisher it has always felt like a black box. We are beholden to the ad network and have to take them at their word. These analytics make it crystal clear exactly what is driving revenue, and Playwire isn’t afraid to give it to publishers.
Jordan Greer
Owner, GTPlanet


One of the product innovations that has created the biggest impact for Jordan is Advanced Yield Analytics. The release of these new granular analytics that integrate GA4 data with ad revenue data, makes it possible for him to analyze his site in ways he’s never been able to before.

With access to this data, Jordan has been able to make changes to his template structure and site design to increase ad revenue, determine which content types drive the most revenue, and build an understanding of the ROI of his freelance writers.

Because these kinds of realizations aren’t directly related to pageviews, having access to this data has helped him understand his business, and how he can strategically drive greater ad revenue, in ways he never expected.

I can’t overstate how important the data provided by RAMP’s Advanced Yield Analytics is for me as a publisher. It is something I’ve never seen before but always wanted. Now that I have it, I feel like I have been flying blind for the past 21 years.
Jordan Greer
Owner, GTPlanet
The page-level data is like gold. It allows me to truly understand how my business makes money and optimize the design, structure, and content on the site to maximize revenue.
Jordan Greer
Owner, GTPlanet

Empowering Publishers

Playwire wins when publishers win. Playwire grows when publishers grow. So, our mission is to give publishers the tools they need to grow. This mindset, and this relationship, create the trust that keeps GTPlanet coming back year after year.

Transparency, and understanding how my site is making money is paramount. With Playwire, I feel empowered like never before to grow my business.
Jordan Greer
Owner, GTPlanet

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