From Frustrating
Ad Management to unprecedented

The Challenge

Founded in 2002, this publisher struggled to manage ad quality by 2014. Each time they blocked ad categories or banned advertisers, a new rabble of bad actors would arrive at her door. They had almost no time to develop new math games, and most ad networks would run away screaming when Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) compliance was mentioned.

The Solution

In 2014, this publisher heard Playwire was looking for COPPA-compliant sites, which made it cautiously optimistic. However, once it saw the creatives Playwire had made for other kids’ publishers, they were sold. The relationship began with custom campaigns with brands like Lego and Kellogg’s, and it later transitioned to full ad revenue management on Playwire’s platform.

The Result

By providing beautiful and safe, COPPA-compliant ads for this website, Playwire gave them the time they needed to create world-class kids’ math content and revenue to grow the business.

"Working with Playwire was a turning point for [us]. I had every possible ad filter in place. I had blocked whole categories of ads and banned advertisers. I was spending the entire day manually reviewing every ad. It was a battle I just couldn’t win. It got to the point that I was ready to give up the ad-supported model, but that’s when Playwire stepped in with the whole solution. It’s what kept [us] going."

Getting back to
its Roots

By partnering with Playwire, this publisher was able to bring her focus back to creating quality content. Before, manual ad review and management filled their days to the point that they hadn’t been able to create new content for several years. When Playwire stepped in, they got their days back and got back to what the website is all about, creating engaging math games for kids.
"The year following the partnership with Playwire, I must have published 30 original math games. I was putting out great content, and that made a big difference. What also helped was the quality of the ads themselves. We had lots of beautiful campaigns running all the time, and they were for kids’ products. Parents and teachers who came to the site automatically knew this was a kids’ site and a safe site. I think that helped grow my traffic as well."

This Kids Site Dreamed it
Playwire made it possible

When our publishers succeed, we succeed. That’s why we place such a premium on our relationships with publishers across every vertical. With great content and a focus on ad quality, this kids' site was the ideal publisher for Playwire to work with.

Playwire is truly a partner. They listen to publishers’ concerns and do their best to respond in a way that makes the publisher happy. I’m very grateful for Playwire’s commitment to [us], and [we are] passionately committed to Playwire. I can’t imagine publishing without Playwire — that’s how integral it is."

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