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What is The Metaverse?

The metaverse is an immersive virtual environment where humans interact with other humans and non-human players, in real-time, via avatars.

It’s a new digital frontier where users can work, learn, play, socialize, and create all in one space. You can be anyone, do anything, and go anywhere — all within a few clicks.

The Complete Guide to Metaverse Advertising


Learn everything you need to know about advertising in the metaverse with this comprehensive guide from our experts.

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What is The Metaverse and Where Does Advertising Fit Within It?

The metaverse offers advertisers a unique opportunity to connect, engage, and create unforgettable experiences. Click below to unravel the secrets of this new era of digital advertising. 

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Why Advertisers Are Turning Their Attention and Ad Spend towards the Metaverse

Brands are redirecting their focus and funds towards the metaverse. Learn more about the metaverse's impact on the advertising industry.

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The Metaverse Just Got More Fun: Playwire is Selected Among Founding Partners of the New Roblox Partner Program


Playwire is among the first group of exclusive partners to join the new Roblox Partner Program and embark on the collective journey of bringing custom creative and immersive ads to life within Roblox’s worldwide virtual community. Learn more!

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the Metaverse

The Best Metaverse Platforms for Advertisers

With the metaverse being so vast and varied, where should advertisers set their sights? Learn more about today's top four metaverse platforms for advertisers.

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How to Make Money in the Metaverse

Wondering how to make money in the metaverse? Click here for a walk-through of all you need to know about making money in the metaverse with advertising.

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7 Steps Brands Can Take to Ensure COPPA Compliance Inside the Metaverse

Trying to conquer kids’ gaming in the metaverse? Here are 7 steps brands can take to tread the metaverse waters while remaining COPPA compliant.

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Top 6 Examples of Metaverse Advertising

For metaverse advertising, it's not about who shouts the loudest, but who integrates the smartest. Check out the top six advertising strategies in metaverse gaming.

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Within the first month or so, I saw about a 20% increase in revenue, and by the time the holiday season was rolling around, the revenue was more like a 90% increase over the best month I had ever had with [my previous provider].
William Shunn
Creator and Owner, Spelling Bee Solver

Spelling Bee Solver (1)

Case Study


Ad revenue increase within the first two months of adding Playwire’s tags to their website.


Ad revenue increase immediately upon incorporating high-impact units including video, flex leaderboards, and flex skins


Year-over-year revenue increase compared to their previous ad monetization provider.

Frequently Asked Questions About Metaverse Advertising

Why are advertisers drawn to the metaverse?

It's all about the unique experience that the metaverse offers its users and advertisers. As users slip into this digital universe, they don't just passively scroll or click; they live, interact, and engage. They are not merely spectators but active participants.

Unlike traditional media platforms where ads might feel intrusive or jarring, in the metaverse, it’s all about smoothly incorporating them into a user’s experience.

This opens up a whole new avenue for creative ad possibilities and increases the chances that ads resonate with your target audience in a whole new way.

Learn more about the factors that are attracting advertisers to the metaverse, here.

What’s the transformative potential of the metaverse?

While this transformation won’t happen overnight, here are a few examples to put it into perspective:

  • Entertainment: The metaverse is a playground for content creators. It offers a new landscape for gaming, live events, performances, and storytelling.
  • Education: The metaverse has the potential to transform education, offering dynamic and interactive content that immerses and engages students.
  • Retail and e-commerce: Metaverse shopping could be as simple as having an outfit on your virtual avatars or as complex as virtual experiences that blur the line between fantasy and reality.

Dive deeper into the transformative potential of the metaverse, here.

How is the metaverse going to change the way brands engage with their audience?

  • Increased ad spend: As the tech behind the metaverse matures and its user base grows, its unique benefits will draw in advertisers, and we can expect to see a significant shift in ad spend toward the metaverse.
  • New ad performance metrics: The immersive and interactive nature of the metaverse is spurring the development of new metrics for measuring ad performance, likely based on interaction and participation.
  • Future strategies: The distribution of ad spend will evolve, influenced by the unique opportunities and returns offered by metaverse advertising.

Learn more about the impact the metaverse is making on digital advertising, here.

How can brands ensure COPPA compliance in the metaverse?

  • Focus on Data Protection: Make sure you’re not just collecting data but safeguarding it with the utmost care.
  • Create Genuine Content: Amidst the bending reality of the metaverse, authenticity stands out. As content creators, always ensure your content resonates with truthfulness. 
  • Refresh and Update Regularly: Your content should evolve. Regular updates will not only keep content relevant but will also ensure it complies with ever-shifting regulatory requirements.
Discover more ways that brands can steer clear of COPPA violations in the metaverse, here.

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