The Players

Playwire — Playwire is a team dedicated to driving revenue for digital publishers. We are also one of the largest COPPA-compliant digital monetization partners within the ad tech ecosystem.

Superior, effective ad experiences run in our blood. We’ve lived at the epicenter of futuristic in-game experiences and immersive ads, from our Minecraft solutions to our partnerships with Poptropica and Sandbox Networks, Inc.

Roblox — Roblox is a company that believes technology can revolutionize how people communicate, and we are here for it.

Roblox’s unique, reimagined approach to immersive advertising is taking new ground in digital reality. This means sharper learning, better research, bolder innovation, and more immersive ad experiences for in-platform discovery.

Together — Playwire has earned the attention of the Roblox community through a number of successful experiences over the years. This includes, but is not limited to, our award-winning Lunchables campaign on Roblox, which was developed in partnership with Starcom, Suit Up Games, Poptropica, and Misfits, as well as our deployment of several successful campaigns for Kellogg. Winning in the steeply competitive food and beverage space proved our acumen. Now, we’re ready to take this relationship to the next level.

Playwire is among the first group of exclusive partners to join the new Roblox Partner Program and embark on the collective journey of bringing custom creative and immersive ads to life within Roblox’s worldwide virtual community.


The Community

What many people fail to realize is just how vast of a community Roblox truly is. It’s not a game, there are millions of experiences on Roblox, but rather an immersive platform that is reimagining the way people come together.

With 66 million+ daily active users, Roblox’s platform provides unprecedented opportunities for brands to deeply engage with communities at scale. And its users are loyalists, spending on average 2.4 hours a day on the platform.

In addition, over 55% of Roblox users are now over 13 years old, but given the platform’s popularity across all age groups, safety and civility are of paramount importance to their users. Playwire is among the trusted partners focused on brand safety and aligned with this value of ensuring a safe community experience.

The Collaboration

Designed to enable a self-serve, global advertising ecosystem on the Roblox platform, the Roblox Partner Program’s community-forward approach is focused on engaging a broad network of platform advocates – from Roblox developer studios to early adopters among agencies, brands, and third-party sellers – in global education and best practice sharing for brands.

As an official Roblox partner, Playwire’s work with brands will be supported by four core pillars of the program including:

Immersive ads — Content and strategy for immersive ads, a.k.a. In-experience billboards and portals.

Platform education — Do’s and don’ts, how to run a COPPA-compliant campaign, in-experience mechanics, how to best utilize the unlimited capabilities of the Roblox platform, and so much more.

Research and measurement — Go beyond impressions and investigate richer KPIs, including viewability and creating standards for 3D in-experience advertising.

Note: A key element of this collaboration will be the ability to run improved research in an experience, going beyond the basics of performance and diving deeper into metrics around brand performance, intent, and more.

Product and content innovation — Push the boundaries of existing content to develop new, bespoke, multimedia experiences; work with influencers; design mini-game experiences; and more.

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Why Choose to Partner with Playwire for a Roblox Campaign?


Some additional key benefits of Playwire’s participation in the Roblox Partner Program include:

High-impact media and video — Create in-experience media and video experiences and integrate with top content creators already popular on Roblox.

Fun fact: Ours is an award-winning game development solution — already in motion for brands like Kraft Heinz and Hasbro.

Robust targeting — Use registration data (age, gender, location, and device) for precise targeting.

An Expert Team

Playwire’s Roblox Partner Program membership helps everyone eager to access the diverse crowd of Roblox users.

Because of the sheer volume of game studios on Roblox, it has historically been challenging to build a cohesive, platform-wide advertising and operations strategy.

Pre-partnership, we had to go to each individual developer and/or creator to figure out all of the details.

Now, we have direct access to Roblox, meaning we can effectively provide greater value and quickly bridge all the platform has to offer to advertisers.

Better access means we can deploy the aforementioned enhanced education AND architect new solutions, align a brand’s needs to what’s possible on the platform, ensure brand safety and compliance, and leverage the power of the platform to drive outcomes for our partners.

Playwire’s metaverse team is a perfect fit for anyone wanting to succeed on Roblox:

  • We’re the experts. Our metaverse team is 20-strong with a track record of leaderboard success in immersive content and 3D experiences. Fun? Yes. But also measurable, successful, and (best of all), safe.
  • We’re the COPPA/CFBAI team you want on your side. Online safety is vitally important...Survival-level important. Our people have nearly two decades of experience in kids’ online safety and technical development.

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Roblox and Playwire — The Long View

Playwire’s metaverse solutions, in conjunction with the Roblox Partner Program, will help brands and talent create visibility on Roblox, elevating their advertising and creative capabilities while also delivering value to Roblox users.

“One of the most brilliant things about Roblox is it defies the laws of nature that we know to be true. I can turn off gravity if I want. There are so many things we can do inside this experience that aren’t the same as physical-world experiences. For the wide-reaching age groups that are engaging here, this is their digital version of themselves. This partnership allows us to align a brand with that and create entirely unique experiences.” - Playwire CEO, Jayson Dubin

Roblox has a unique ability to facilitate deep brand engagement with diverse communities at scale, and like Playwire, they are keen to enrich human experiences in digital environments like never before. 

Interested to learn more about the Roblox Partner Program or Playwire’s unique revenue-amplifying capabilities? Contact us today.

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