If you attended one of our webinars about GDPR you might remember us mentioning we would likely develop a Consent Management Platform (CMP) for you to use. Our team has been hard at work to help you navigate GDPR better, and we’re happy to say this product is now available!

So, what is a CMP? A CMP is something you use to collect data that your customers or users have consented to be used and for what. This information is then passed through your ad supply chain so that everyone knows what data can be used.

If you’re already using a CMP, no problem! It’s not required that you use ours but if you need one it’s here to make one part of GDPR easier to manage. If you’re interested in using our Consent Management Platform for your site, please contact us using this form.

P.s. A CMP, Consent Management Platform, is not to be confused with Playwire’s CMP, Complete Monetization Platform which is an all-inclusive solution to monetizing your website.

P.p.s Here’s a great explainer article about Consent Management Platforms.

We’re always brainstorming new and practical ways to create incremental revenue for you while making sure UX stays optimal. We created a new ad unit just for that! It’s a native display ad unit and has nearly 100% viewability! It appears in an article and is a great choice for news articles and blog content. If you’re interested in adding this unit to your site or want more info please contact your account manager.

Our engineers stay one step ahead of any browser updates or industry changes so you don’t have to. An upcoming version of Google Chrome is designed to penalize video players in a particular way. We went ahead and proactively optimized the Playwire video player so the experience will continue to be seamless and actually speed up the video player load times when using Chrome.

A big welcome goes to Kristina and Adam, our two new direct sales executives. They come from Sandbox & Co., which is home to Poptropica and Funbrain, with a steep background in selling ad space and custom executions for the kids market. Our direct ad sales team is one of the many things that sets us apart. Kristina, Adam and our entire team are fully loaded and ready to serve you by scoring the best direct campaigns for your site!