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Key Points

  • Playwire is introducing a brand new ad unit: web rewarded video ads.
  • These are large-format, overlay-style video ads that reward the user for watching a video ad.
  • While this is a common ad unit in the app space, it has not been available for website owners up to this point.

We just can’t stop innovating. The Playwire team has developed and deployed a brand new ad unit that’s a win for users, a win for advertisers and a big win for publishers. And it’s called the web rewarded video ad.

We’re excited about this one for a few reasons — the most important of which is how much value it brings to web publishers’ revenue strategies. Read on to learn everything you need to know about this brand-new ad unit from Playwire.

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What Is a Web Rewarded Video Ad?

If you have any experience with app development, you may already be familiar with the format of our new web rewarded video ad unit. It’s a large-format, overlay-style video ad that loads when the user engages with a call to action, which is usually a button of some kind.

This is the important part: This is a premium ad unit that offers a clear value exchange. More specifically, the user is told explicitly that, if they watch the video ad, they get a reward. Remember — this isn’t your run-of-the-mill interstitial or video overlay; this ad only plays when the user tells it to.

Here’s the process in four simple steps:

  1. A user on your site is offered a reward for watching a video ad.
  2. The user clicks the associated button to accept that offer.
  3. An overlay opens on top of the site content, and the video ad plays.
  4. The video ad ends and returns the promised reward to the user

Who Needs Web Rewarded Video Ads?

Many categories of publishers can benefit from having rewarded video ads on their site. It is a great fit if you already have a rewarded system set up because Playwire’s new unit will fit right in and begin generating revenue for you. And it’s true if you don’t have a rewarded system of some kind because Playwire can help you set one up and implement this new premium unit.

You might be asking yourself what kind of reward you even have to offer to users for watching a video ad on your site. If you’re coming up blank, that’s OK — you just have to dig a little deeper to find it. 

For example, if you are a game publisher, you might decide to reward users with digital currency or an extra life in exchange for watching the ad. If you run a content site with a freemium or subscription model, you might reward the user by giving them access to a highly desirable premium article.

In any of the above cases and many others, Playwire’s web rewarded video ad unit fits right in. We’ve designed it to integrate perfectly with a wide variety of web content types.

How to Set Up This New Ad Unit on Your Site

The Playwire team may get into the weeds with all of the ad tech innovations, but we’re all about keeping things simple on the publisher end. That rule certainly applies with our new rewarded video ad unit for web publishers. We offer a simple setup and integration that comes with a suite of configurable options, such as frequency capping and back-fill and no-fill alternatives.

One important note about integrating this particular ad unit: You need to design a system that provides clear messaging surrounding the ad. The user needs to quickly understand that they will earn a valuable reward if they watch the video. It’s OK to be explicit about this — in fact, it’s best practice.

Why Choose Playwire for Rewarded Video Ads?

Up to this point, there simply hasn’t been a good solution for website owners who want to monetize their games and other content with rewarded video ads. And Playwire’s unit is so innovative that we are actually working directly with supply-side platforms (SSPs) to drive correct CPMs for rewarded video as premium inventory. 

Audiences and game players tend to favor these kinds of ads because they understand that there is a value exchange involved. And because advertisers know that users tend to engage with these ads, they are willing to offer a premium CPM for these ad impressions. That’s how everybody wins.

Ready to Get Started? Contact Playwire

Who doesn’t love it when everyone wins? With our new web rewarded video ads, you get a win for the publisher, advertiser and user. The result is higher CPMs for the publishers who implement the new unit.

If you want to start taking advantage of premium CPMs, let us know today! Whether you would like to learn more about Playwire’s newest ad unit and other offerings or you’re ready to set rewarded video up on your site today, contact us online to get started.

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