Key Points

  • Publishers with subscription paywalls are missing out on incremental revenue they could make from users who aren’t quite ready for a subscription.
  • There’s a simple, scalable solution for monetizing those users that doesn’t negatively affect user experience.
  • Our innovative new web rewarded video ads are a perfect fit to help publishers recapture revenue they are losing.

If you’re currently using a paywall subscription, you could be missing out on incremental revenue. Our innovative new ad unit makes it possible to monetize those visitors who are interested in your content but not ready for a full subscription… all without disrupting the user experience.

One of the most commonly searched terms is how to “bypass subscription paywall” so it probably comes as no surprise to anyone that people are trying to cheat their way around these paywalls. What if you could offer visitors a way around it, giving them something they want, while still making considerable revenue yourself?


How to Monetize a Paywall Subscription with Rewarded Video Ads

Rewarded video ads create a win-win scenario for publishers and audiences alike. There are likely a monumental amount of visitors to your website that want access to your gated content, but aren’t quite ready for a full-blown subscription just yet.

What if you could make incremental revenue off of each of those visitors, and help give them more of a taste of what lies behind your subscription paywall, increasing their likelihood of subscribing?

Rewarded video ads are a perfect fit for this situation. You can simply incentivize a visitor to watch a short video advertisement or two in order to access the gated article or content on a one-time basis. 

Because rewarded video ad slots are considered premium inventory, advertisers will pay handsomely to fill these slots. And, in the meantime, you can monetize visitors that you’d otherwise have turned away because they aren’t quite ready for a full subscription.

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What are Rewarded Video Ads?

Rewarded ads have long been a part of the app and gaming ecosystem because they naturally fit into the structure of the experience. Users are incentivized to watch a video in return for some currency that improves their gaming experience like an extra life or additional tokens of some kind. See an example of this below.

Recently, Playwire has introduced a simple, scalable way to execute rewarded video ads in the context of a website experience. No longer do these lucrative ads have to be relegated solely to the gaming world.

Paywall subscription sites are just one of the website models where this type of ad unit fits like a glove. There is already a built-in reward system (access to premium content), and a clear incentive to make it worth the visitor’s time to watch an advertisement.

Here’s how the process looks for a visitor in four simple steps:

  1. A user on your site is offered the option to watch a video ad in order to access gated or paywall-protected content.
  2. The user clicks the associated button to accept that offer.
  3. An overlay opens on top of the site content, and the video ad plays.
  4. The video ad ends and returns opens up access to the single article or piece of gated content to the user.

On the publisher side, all that needs to happen is the passing back and forth of simple events to trigger the ad and confirm completion of the ad to allow access to content.

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Who doesn’t love it when everyone wins? With our new web rewarded video ads, you get a win as the publisher and so does your user. The result is higher CPMs for the publishers who implement the new unit.

If you want to start taking advantage of premium CPMs, let us know today! Whether you would like to learn more about Playwire’s newest ad unit and other offerings or you’re ready to set rewarded video up on your site today, contact us online to get started.

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