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There are plenty of ad serving platforms. But video ad servers that can truly accommodate video ads? Those are in shorter supply.

That's not to say, of course, that you won't find an acceptable video ad server among the most popular ad servers. There are lots of good choices - it's just a matter of choosing the best ad server for your unique audience, platform, and needs.

This article is going to help with that. Read on for a breakdown of the most popular video ad servers.

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The Complete Guide to Ad Servers

The Complete Guide to Ad Servers

What Is a Video Ad Server?

Before we get too far down the list of most popular video ad servers, let's make sure we know precisely what we're discussing here. We're talking about video ad servers:

What is a video ad server?

A video ad server is any ad server that can house and "serve" video ads from advertisers to publisher websites. Many ad servers can accommodate both video and display ads, but some ad servers are completely dedicated to video ads.

That's the "video" part of the definition. Aside from that, video ad servers function much like any other ad server. They make complex decisions about which ads to place where in real-time, thousands of times per minute.

With that done, let's jump into the list of the most popular ad servers for video ads:

1. Google Ad Manager

When you're talking about the most popular ad serving platforms, you can't skip the server included with Google Ad Manager (GAM). This is a massive and powerful server that can accommodate video ads and display ads with ease.

Among the many benefits of GAM is the fact that this server is so widespread. The vast majority of advertisers are using Google ad tags, so if you're using GAM, you have simple server-to-server communication that prevents many metrics and reporting discrepancies.

Of course, you also have the more straightforward benefits of working with a Google product. As most everyone knows, Google stays on the cutting edge of tech in the industries it works within, so you can expect the latest and greatest when you're using GAM's video ad server.

2. Kevel

Kevel is a fully customizable ad server that allows you to create the perfect ad server for your unique needs. While you have to have some programming knowledge to actually build your own server within Kevel, it may be worthwhile for publishers who need high-tech video serving capabilities and would like to bypass ad blockers or automate parts of the server ecosystem.

This is a well-known name in ad tech, but it is important to remember that Kevel may not provide the most beginner-friendly ad server interface for publishers.

3. Smart

If you're looking for an all-in-one ad server that incorporates programmatic demand and the latest tech, you'll find it with Smart's ad server. This video and display ad server can even support direct-sold demand, meaning it can grow with you as you expand your digital advertising operations.

4. E-Planning

E-Planning operates one of the oldest ad servers in the world, but that doesn't mean the server itself is somehow outdated. In fact, E-Planning remains one of the cutting-edge ad server operators and bundles its server with a high-powered SSP. 

This ad server can handle video ads, direct private deals, and advanced ad campaign targeting, and it plays particularly nicely with Prebid servers.

5. Epom Ad Server

Epom remains one of the most popular ad servers for video ads because it works well and offers a complete advertisingmanagement platform. That means you get video ad serving capabilities alongside in-depth and real-time tracking, the ability to create a custom dashboard, and automated campaign optimization.

6. SpringServe

If you're looking for a video ad server that's made specifically for video ads, you'll find it with SpringServe. Recently acquired by powerhouse Magnite, this server is perfect for video-only web, over-the-top (OTT), and connected TV (CTV) publishers.

SpringServe's strength is in its open nature and purpose-built video capabilities, but it also comes with video header bidding capabilities, in-depth reporting, and various other robust features.

7. Publica

Publica styles itself as the CTV ad server, and its services largely live up to that positioning. For CTV publishers looking to do video ads, this one is a great choice.

Powerful video ad serving features are improved by OTT header bidding, in-depth campaign management, a smooth user experience, and deep analytics. Publica is already trusted by some of the biggest names when it comes to OTT platforms, including AMC and Fox, and appears to be dedicated to scaling as the OTT industry explodes.

Do I Need to do Video Ads?

Video ads can generate a lot of revenue. But to deploy them, you're going to need a video ad server. You're likely to find a great ad server among the list of most popular ad serving platforms above, but should you have to worry about all that when you're already so strapped for time?

We don't think so, and that's why Playwire has created a purpose-built solution for publishers who want to grow their ad revenue. With the leading minds in ad tech and a proprietary revenue amplification platform, we're ready to get your revenue to where it should be - at the very top.

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