Key Points

  • Unity ads monetization is all about selecting the best monetization SDK within the ad space.
  • Playwire has built a dedicated Unity ads SDK.
  • Our ad monetization SDK for Unity incorporates mediation partners, header bidders, and a consent management platform (CMP).

As a software development platform, Unity is pretty cutting-edge. But when it comes to the options for Unity ad monetization, many app publishers find that they need additional support. The problem isn't the platform itself - it's the lack of reliable and functional third-party options for monetizing Unity apps with advertising.

The team at Playwire saw that emerging need in the ad tech market, and we built a high-powered platform to fill it. The result was our Unity ad monetization software development kit (SDK).

We're making it easy for Unity app developers to monetize their apps and bring in real, business-growing ad revenue consistently and sustainably. And in this article, we're going to explain how it all works. Read on to learn more.

We set out to make ad monetization for Unity apps easy. And we did it. But we take all of that a step further by providing the best customer service of any app revenue partner in the business. Try us - we're confident we're the last ad monetization partner you will ever have to choose for your app.

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The Complete Guide to Ad Monetization

The Complete Guide to Ad Monetization

Setting Up Unity Ads Monetization

Let's get right to the good stuff: how to set up our Unity ad monetization SDK. If we had to describe the setup process in a single word, we'd say this: simple.

That's because, while our SDK is an "SDK of SDKs," as we like to say, we have already managed every dependency involved in the various SDKs. That means the number of SDKs you have to set up and test drops from several to just one.

Still, the setup takes most developers a day or two. Of course, experienced devs know that's not that long as far as SDK integrations can go. The real-time-saver, though, comes with the updates. Future updates take almost no time because you only have to check a single SDK.

How the Unity SDK Works

Integration is the hardest part of Unity ad monetization. The next part is just letting the SDK do what it was designed to do: earn revenue from the impressions your app users generate.

Here's how that works:

  • A user enters your app and triggers an ad request for bids.
  • That request leads to a unified auction that incorporates demand from header bidders and Playwire's direct sales.
  • The winning bid is compared to bids from various mediation partners.
  • If no bids come from header bidders or the mediation partners (an extremely rare occurrence), we source demand from Google.
  • The winning bid gets the ad placement.
  • While all of that is happening, a powerful consent management platform (CMP) is making sure your Unity app stays in perfect compliance with every privacy law relevant to you.

App-Mediation-Partners_In-App-Header-Bidding (1)

Pieces of the Unity Ads Monetization Puzzle

In the process we described above, we mentioned a few key pieces of the SDK. Let's look at those in more detail.

Unity Mediation Partners

To round out header bidding demand, we integrate nine mediation partners to ensure a solid bid always comes in for your inventory.

Those mediation partners include Vungle, Fyber, AppLovin, and similarly big names in app mediation. In most cases, a header bidder wins the bid, but the mediation partners do come through with strong bids on occasion. 

It's extremely rare, but sometimes, none of the header bidders or mediation partners will submit a bid. In that case, we bring in demand from the Google AdMob SDK as a last line of defense.


Header Bidders

To fill the majority of bid requests, we use the three leading header bidding partners:

  • Prebid
  • Amazon Transparent Ad Marketplace (TAM)
  • Google adExchange Bidding in Dynamic Allocation (EBDA)

Within each of those, we configure several bidders. In other words, when a bid request goes out to Prebid, for example, it's reaching a handful of leading header bidders within that network.


You can't get by with Unity ad monetization these days without a CMP. This is the essential tool for making sure you remain compliant with all privacy laws relevant to your app. 

The CMP we integrate with our Unity ad monetization SDK is Google's: Funding Choices. (Funding Choices no longer exists as a separate, standalone entity and has now migrated into Google's existing ad platforms.) This CMP manages your privacy settings, handles opt-ins and opt-outs for tracking, and more.

Playwire: Ad Monetization for Unity the Easy Way

Unity ads monetization doesn't have to be difficult. That's something we've always believed, and now, we've proven it. By building the leading ad monetization SDK for unity - one that saves countless developer hours and headaches and maximizes app publishers' revenue - we've changed the game for Unity publishers. 

Ready to monetize your app the smart and easy way? Then you're ready to work with Playwire. Reach out to our teamto learn more about our mobile ads SDK and how it can benefit your app.

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