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A Platform Built for App publishers

The RAMP Platform makes ad monetization simpler and smarter.

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Publisher Needs


Ad tech has historically always favored the needs of the advertiser, or the maximizing margins for ad tech vendors.

  • Complex SDK integrations
  • Lack of revenue transparency
  • Lagging unified auction technology

That wasn't good enough for us.



So we applied 15 years of web ad monetization experience to the app space.

Don’t leave a cent of ad revenue on the table with technology built to serve the needs of the app developer.

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A Simpler, More Transparent Solution

RAMP gives you a full suite of monetization sources in one SDK.


Unifying the Auction

Bringing 15 years of header bidding expertise to app monetization.

  • Shift from waterfall to unified auction
  • Driving increased competition
  • Ensures you don’t miss out on higher bids


Simplify operations. Maximize revenue.

Beyond maximizing revenue, we’ve built RAMP to be a business accelerator. RAMP allows you to:

  • Focus on strategic operations
  • Build more content
  • Grow your audience

Case Studies


Trusted by Thousands of
web + app Publishers

Alpha Network
M64Plus FX
Der Die Das
Companion for Apex Legends
Where's Samantha?

Case Studies


  • 243% Increase in App Ad Revenue
  • Increase from 1 to 9 Sources of Demand

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  • 230% Increase in Ad Revenue
  • Immediate 20% Boost Upon Implementation

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The Entire App
Ad Tech Stack
in a Single SDK

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App-AdTech Stack - 3D-2

Header Bidding

Drive price competition between demand sources with a comprehensive in-app header bidding solution.

Learn More About Header Bidding

App-AdTech Stack - 3D-3

Demand Sources

Get access to the most comprehensive set of demand sources on the market, including direct demand driven by our global direct sales team.

Access More Demand Sources

App-AdTech Stack - 3D-4

Consent Management

Manage consent for your audience and control the messages app users receive to provide consent.

Learn More About Consent Management

App-AdTech Stack - 3D-5

Ad Delivery

Take advantage of innovative ad units and a built-in video player.

Premium Ad Units

Video Player

App-AdTech Stack - 3D-6

Reporting & Analytics

Robust analytics and reporting capabilities to help drive ad revenue insights.

Advanced Analytics & Reporting

App-AdTech Stack - 3D-7

Ad Serving

Take advantage of the most powerful ad servers on the market to maximize your ad revenue.

Learn More About Ad Serving

App-AdTech Stack - 3D-8

Data Management Platform

Harness your own 1st party data with a built-in DMP.

Learn More About Data Management

App-AdTech Stack - 3D-9

Advertiser Ad Quality Measurement

Integration with tools that allow advertisers to access viewability information and increase the likelihood of direct sales deals.

App-AdTech Stack - 3D-10

Revenue Intelligence {RI}

Machine learning and AI maximize yield on every impression.

Learn More About Revenue Intelligence

Your Ad Revenue

Accelerate your business and uncomplicate your ad tech stack, because you deserve a partner and a platform that demands more for you.

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