Key Points

  • Define Your Role: Titles like "publisher" or "content creator" are important for communicating your focus and building your brand, but the lines between these terms are often quite blurry.
  • Embrace the Hybrid Hustle: The digital world rewards versatility. Be open to wearing different hats – publisher, creator, influencer, marketer – for a well-rounded approach.
  • Your Unique Blend is Your Superpower: Don't limit yourself to a single title. Your unique combination of skills and personality traits makes you stand out.
  • Content is King, and Brand is Queen: No matter what, owning your content and cultivating a unique brand identity is the foundation for long-term success.

Whether you consider yourself a content creator, influencer, blogger, publisher, or another variation of digital entrepreneur, you probably dread the question, “What do you do for a living?” The reality is, a better question would be, “What don’t you do?” 

From managing multiple platforms and monetization strategies to crafting killer content that engages and wows your target audience, there’s a whole spectrum of must-have skills driving the new creator economy. Developing a must-have brand? It’s practically an art form. Even so, you’ll find a laundry list of titles, roles, and names floating around the online space.

Have you ever wondered where you fall within the current digital maze or what to call yourself when you get asked that all too familiar question? If so, this article is for you.

Just keep in mind there’s plenty of overlap between these categories, and we’re defining some of them in real time. Join us as we dive deep into the question: what’s in a name?

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Publisher vs. Creator: What’s the Difference?

The English language is constantly in flux. In fact, 5,400 new words are created each year. So, while terms like content creator or influencer might be trendy buzzwords now, they could soon be just as traditional as the term, publisher. And then, it’s very likely a new set of buzzwords will replace these words in everyday language.

Additionally, the complicated fact with these particular terms is that they are more than just titles or roles; they’re actions.

Have you ever pressed publish on a blog post? Then, believe it or not, you’re a publisher. How about adding a story to your Instagram? That’s content creation. This can make for a confusing landscape.

Some people might define themselves as content creators, while others will take the title of publisher with pride and both may do virtually the same thing. Even with this perplexing truth, there’s clarity behind the lexicology curtain. 

While an outsider might see all these terms and names as unnecessary definitions, for industry-wise professionals, they matter. Understanding where you land means you have the language to describe your work, brand, and business.

When you have a firm idea of what you’re doing, whether that’s blogging, publishing, content creation, or something different, you can start forming the essential foundation for your business. While it’s not a clearly defined pipeline, many people start in one place, like being an influencer, and eventually make their way toward publishing, at least those looking to make some real revenue through their content.

It’s all about owning your content, building your brand as a business, and, most importantly, monetizing effectively. But don’t take this as gospel. There’s still plenty of ambiguity in these roles — especially if you’re just starting.

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Breaking Down the Buzzwords

At Playwire, our mission is to empower publishers to reach their maximum revenue potential. For us, the term publisher casts a broad net. We work with everyone from mom-focused content creators and finance bloggers to app and game developers looking to make the most out of their content.

You may or may not realize this but in reality, they’re all publishers, and, most likely, you are too. Let’s break down some buzzwords to add a layer of clarity so you can pinpoint exactly where you and your brand land:

  • Content Creator: A content creator produces engaging content. From a monetization standpoint, they might earn income through digital advertising, affiliate links, brand partnerships, or subscription models. While they often rely on social media platforms as well, they sometimes own their platform, opening up new revenue streams.
  • Publisher: The action of publishing focuses on the distribution and management of content. Publishers handle the platform where content lives (website, newsletter, etc.). Publishers are no strangers to advertising as a monetization strategy as well as often selling their content in bundled formats such as subscription-based models. This covers everyone from solo bloggers or content creators to large online media companies with multiple properties.
  • Blogger: As the name suggests, bloggers leverage the blogging medium to push out content. They are both content creators and publishers. They most often own the platforms and content they use and leverage multiple monetization strategies to their advantage.
  • Influencer: Influencers have sway over their audiences. They've built a community of dedicated followers who trust their recommendations, whether it's fashion finds, gaming gear, or the latest skincare trends. They often partner with brands for sponsored content, product launches, or affiliate marketing collaborations for revenue. 

Going Beyond the Buzzwords

Of course, many other roles exist within the massive landscape of digital content creation and publishing. At one point or another, you’ve probably also been referred to as a marketer, a designer, and maybe even a videographer, depending on your content type.

In today’s digital age, you need to become a digital chameleon. You need to go beyond the buzzwords and, more often than not, embrace multiple roles.

A blogger + creator combo brings thoughtful content and creative flair. A publisher + influencer? You own your content distribution strategy and have audience sway. 

Don't limit yourself — embrace your hybrid awesomeness by blending your unique skills and personality, and remember that no matter what you call yourself, your content, brand, and audience will always be the true core of your success.

You Focus on Content, Let Playwire Focus on Your Monetization

Hopefully, you now have a bit more perspective on where you land in the digital world (which is probably in multiple places at once)

While there’s a lot that is blurred about digital naming conventions, one thing is certain. Whether you’re a solo blogger creating and publishing content yourself or working with a team of content creators and multiple online properties, the right tools and strategies are critical to success.

At Playwire, we’ve worked with brands, creators, and publishers of all sizes throughout various verticals. Gaming? That’s where we got our start. Content creators searching for monetization nirvana? We partner with them, too. Hear from them yourself.

No matter what you prefer to call yourself, our suite of advanced ad tech tools and solutions will help monetize your content more effectively.

Get in touch with the team today to learn more about how we can help you transform your digital dreams into a revenue reality.

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