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Game Monetization Guide: Monetizing with In-Game Advertising


Learn about all things game monetization with this comprehensive guide from our experts.

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Getting Started with your

How to Monetize Your Game

Learn more about what game monetization is and where to begin building your game monetization strategy.

Game Monetization

6 Game Monetization Models

Learn how to monetize a mobile app, desktop app, or web-based game using 6 unique game monetization models.

Game Monetization Models

Evaluating Game Monetization Companies


How do you know a game monetization company is right for you? 

Start by determining the type of monetization tool or company that best suits your unique needs. This tool may fall into one of four monetization categories or include a blend. Click below to learn more!

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How to Monetize Games of All Types: Web, Mobile & Desktop App

Learn more about how to build a game monetization strategy based on the platform that your game exists on.

How to Monetize Game of All Types

How to Increase Ad Revenue from Mobile Games

Learn how to increase ad revenue from your mobile game through these few best practices regarding ad format, ad placement, testing, and more.

How to Increase Mobile Game Ad Revenue

The Ultimate SDK for Mobile Game Monetization

Many SDKs used for mobile game monetization are either complex and confusing or lack key features. Learn how Playwire's all-in-one platform is changing the game, providing publishers with a streamlined, effective, and transparent way to monetize your mobile game.

The Ultimate SDK for Your Mobile Game

Learn how OP.GG Created an Entirely New Revenue Stream Through Partnership With Playwire

Playwire has opened up an entirely new revenue stream for the OP.GG desktop app, which accounts for a significant portion of our audience.
Pilsoo Shin
Ad Specialist, OP.GG

OP-GG logo

Case Study

Maximum Competition

There are now more than 20 SSPs bidding for OP.GG’s desktop app inventory.

Video Advertising

OP.GG sees 15x higher CPMs for Trendi video units than for traditional display.

Direct Sales

OP.GG sees 11x higher CPMs for directly sold inventory than for traditionally programmatic demand.


The 5 Best In-Game Advertising Networks

The best in-game advertising networks excel across multiple channels and ad types, offering innovative technology and a range of demand sources for publishers. Check out our list of the top 5 in-game advertising networks right now.


In-Game Advertising Networks

6 Examples of In-Game Advertising

Whether your in-game ads are effective often comes down to picking the right ad format for your game. Here are some of the most prominent things we’ve learned about in-game advertising over the past 15 years, including which key examples of in-game advertising work best.

Examples of In-Game Advertising

Rewarded Video: The Ultimate Game Monetization Strategy

Rewarded video ads give game players access to exclusive features in exchange for watching a short video advertisement, often leading to higher engagement and better user experience than other ad types. Learn more about how to implement the ultimate game monetization strategy here.

Rewarded Video Ads for Game Monetization

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