Key Points

  • Game monetization companies should do more than just sell and place ad units inside of games.
  • Your options for game monetization companies include publisher display ad management platforms, publisher video ad management platforms, and app mediation platforms.
  • Playwire’s in-game ad monetization solution, RAMP, works across every platform (web, app, desktop app, and even console) and includes key ad units for maximizing ad revenue.

How do you know a game monetization company is right for you? 

Start with the type of monetization tool you’re looking for, which might fall into one of four categories.

  • Playwire’s Revenue Amplification Management Platform (RAMP) manages your ad monetization strategy from A-Z. RAMP is your one-of-a-kind, all-in-one ad monetization solution.
  • Publisher Display Ad Management platforms manage only display ads on your website, typically through programmatic solutions.
  • Publisher Video Ad Management platforms manage only video ads on your website, typically through programmatic solutions.
  • App Mediation SDKs allow for in-app monetization and are integrated through an SDK (Software Development Kit).

To understand which type of monetization company is right for you, it's important to understand exactly what you can expect from a quality game monetization company. 

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Game Monetization Guide

Game Monetization Guide: Monetizing with In-Game Advertising

What Does a Game Monetization Company Do?

Game monetization companies provide the tools and technology that game developers need to monetize their games. This can include in-app purchases, advertising, and other ways of generating revenue from games. That’s the basic version.

But truly great game monetization solutions do more. They work with game developers to help them understand the best ways to monetize their games and then provide the tools and services they need to implement those strategies. They offer transparent revenue share, creative support, and even commit to playing the games they help monetize to understand their user experience. 

In some cases, top game monetization companies will even provide consulting services to game publishers to help them optimize their game monetization strategy and improve it constantly over time. 

What to Look for in a Game Monetization Company

How do you choose the right game monetization company? It’s not as simple as following a checklist. There are certain basic features that are absolutely essential, some that vary based on your specific goals and platforms, and others that are more “nice to have” but should still be kept in mind as you begin your research for the right company. 

Experience matters. Your game monetization partner should have a proven track record of successful campaigns. They should be able to demonstrate revenue increases for clients in real dollars and percentages, not just vague promises

A game monetization company should also put publishers first. In a market where advertisers have historically been privileged with opaque pricing and massive profits, Playwire believes it's time publishers take back control of their monetization.

Here are four factors to consider when choosing a game monetization partner that will put you first.

Cross-Platform Game Monetization

Mobile app games get a lot of advertising attention. But what about web-based and desktop app gaming, or even console-based games? When you partner with a game monetization company, compatibility with a range of channels is vital — even if your game in its current state is only available on one. 

If your mobile gaming app is a success, you may want to expand into other channels without your monetization partner falling short.

Ensure that your partner offers support across web, mobile app (with a fully functioning ad monetization SDK), and desktop app.

Innovative Technology

The game monetization company you choose should demonstrate technology that’s not only capable of the basics but goes above and beyond to offer capabilities you won’t get anywhere else.

Many platforms offer basic header biddingconsent management, and ad serving. But what about a built-in data management platform and video player, or proprietary AI algorithms designed to drive higher CPMs and amplify revenue through constant optimization of your monetization strategy? 

Playwire’s RAMP Platform is the only ad tech solution that meets all of these criteria. It’s lonely at the top. 

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Game Monetization Resource Center

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High-Performance Ad Units for Game Monetization

Seems like a no-brainer, doesn’t it? But the fact is nearly every type of ad platform outside of Playwire’s RAMP falls short in at least one type of ad format. 

Publisher display ad management platforms, for example, offer no video ad units and only limited support for custom units. Meanwhile, publisher video ad management platforms leave out display ads and takeover packages and offer only a couple of custom units. 

Only RAMP offers display, video, custom units, and takeover packages in one platform.

Particularly for game monetization, you’ll want cross-platform support for rewarded video ads, interstitial ads, and standard banners.

Multiple Demand Sources

Google Open BiddingAmazon TAMSSP Integrations, and app mediation partners all represent unique demand sources. Many monetization companies provide access to some of these sources. Some provide most of them. But only RAMP provides access to all these sources and its own worldwide direct sales team with sellers in over 15 countries.

Complete Creative Support

What if you’re an innovative game developer with ideas for custom creative, or want to take advantage of vertical-specific video content? If you’re partnered with a publisher display ad management platform, video ad management platform, or app mediation platform, you’re probably out of luck.

RAMP is the only platform that offers you the option of both custom creative and vertical-specific video content, along with other creative support that goes beyond the basics to optimize your opportunities for revenue.

Playwire: An Ad Monetization Category Of Our Own

Playwire’s RAMP Platform does it all whereas other platforms do just a little. It offers complete coverage across web and app-based gaming with a purpose-built video platform. It’s also the only platform offering a true combined video and display solution, plus a direct sales team to help drive higher CPM rates and bring you more revenue from around the globe.

To find out how Playwire has come to occupy its own category of industry-leading game monetization, contact us online today. 

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