Key Points

  • An in-game advertising network is a platform that lets game developers monetize their games with ads, but the best in-game ad networks do much more.
  • The best gaming ad networks excel across multiple channels and ad types, offering innovative technology and a range of demand sources for publishers.
  • Five of the best in-game advertising networks in 2023 include Venatus, Unity Ads, NitroPay, Network N, and Playwire.

What is an In-Game Advertising Network?

Put simply, an in-game ad network is a platform that allows advertisers to place ads within games. This offers a number of advantages for both advertisers and game publishers. 

For advertisers, it provides a new and highly engaged audience network for their ads. Game developers, on the other hand, can generate additional ad revenue by selling ad space within their game. 

In-game advertising can take many different forms, from banner ads and product placements to more immersive experiences such as virtual product sampling and in-game rewards. Ultimately, in-game advertising provides a win-win solution for both the advertiser and the game developer.

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Comparing In-Game Advertising Networks

In-game advertising is a growing industry, and there are a number of different networks available to game developers who want to monetize their creations. However, it's important to compare different networks before making a decision, as they vary significantly in terms of reach, ad unit availability, price, and capabilities.


Typically in-game advertising networks will focus on a single type of environment. But how many game monetization platforms are built to deliver maximum ad revenue and flexibility across mobile app, web-based, and desktop app gaming? 

Only Playwire, where our proprietary technology and unmatched demand partner relationships mean we can programmatically monetize even the historically challenging world of desktop application gaming. 

We’re even venturing into ad monetization for console games to provide a genuinely holistic ad platform.

Ad Types

Showing basic banner ads in your game is one thing. Presenting engaging rewarded video ads or custom integrated branding in your gaming app is another. 

You should select an in-game advertising network that’s capable of handling the full range of ad types, from flawlessly designed interstitial ads to custom campaigns based on your unique vision.


Demand Sources

The more demand sources your ad monetization tool has access to, the greater the competition will be for your available ad inventory. That means higher CPM rates and maximized pageview or session RPMs.

Playwire, for example, provides access to a worldwide direct sales team as well as access to programmatic demand sources such as Google Open BiddingAmazon TAMSSP integrations, and our network of 10+ app mediation partners. Many publisher display ad management platforms offer access to only one or two of these demand sources at best.


Investing in innovative technology and AI is a sign that your in-game advertising network has an eye on the future. We’re not only talking about your future, but the future of in-game advertising as a whole. 

Playwire’s tackling scalable advertising through our Revenue Intelligence (RI) algorithm, which constantly analyzes hundreds of data points to optimize and improve your game ads every single day. The result? Increased yield and maximized revenue today, tomorrow, and well into the future.


Creative Support

Any in-game advertising network can fill an ad unit. But only the best in-game advertising networks go deeper, serving as your creative strategist and developer for all things relating to game monetization. They’ll provide custom creative, or offer content that enhances player engagement — such as vertical-specific video ads that are best suited to each specific device.

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The 5 Best In-Game Advertising Networks in 2023

Now that we’ve talked criteria, let’s get into our list of the five best in-game advertising networks currently available.



The 5 best in-game advertising networks in 2023 are:

  • Venatus
  • NitroPay
  • Unity Ads
  • Network N
  • Playwire


Venatus is an in-game advertising network that partners with over 1,000 game publishers and platforms to deliver targeted ad campaigns to millions of gamers worldwide. Advertisers can use Venatus to reach gamers across all genres and gaming platforms, including PC, mobile, and console, and the platform offers both static and video ad options. 


NitroPay is an in-game advertising network that excels at helping brands connect with gamers. Brands can target ads based on game genre, player demographics, and other factors for a respectably granular approach. NitroPay also provides detailed analytics to help brands measure the effectiveness of each ad campaign. The platform offers a self-service option for small businesses and individual advertisers. 

Unity Ads

Unity Ads is a mobile advertising platform that allows developers to monetize their games by displaying ads to gamers. The platform offers a variety of ad formats, including interstitial ads, video ads, and banner ads. Unity Ads also provides extensive targeting capabilities, so developers can show your game ads to users who are more likely to be interested in them. 

One of the key factors is that Unity Ads offers high-quality ad inventory. The network only works with premium publishers, so brands can be confident that their ads will be seen by a large number of engaged gamers. The platform offers detailed demographic data, so brands can ensure that their ads are seen by the right people.

Network N

Network N claims to be the largest in-game ad network in Europe with a combined 200 years of experience in gaming and media across their team. The company has strict guidelines for the types of ads that are permitted in order to ensure that they are not disruptive to the gaming experience. They also highlight their independence as a self-funded company as a major selling point.


Playwire is the leading in-game advertising network, providing ad solutions for some of the world's biggest gaming brands. Our RAMP Platform provides end-to-end game monetization management that is unrivaled in the industry. 

Not to mention, our team of experts has a proven track record of providing the most publisher-friendly ad software for over 15 years.

Playwire: The Only End-to-End Game Monetization Network

Playwire is the only true end-to-end game monetization platform. We provide everything you need to set up, manage, and optimize the monetization of your gaming app in one place.

From our RAMP Platform to our proprietary Revenue Intelligence {RI} algorithms, we’ve built a solution that makes in-game advertising effective (and transparent) for both web and app publishers who wants to maximize their revenue while retaining the integrity of their games.

Want to find out more? Contact Playwire today.

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