Mobile Leaderboard

One of our most popular options for web display ads.

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About the Ad Unit

A traditional, horizontally rectangular, banner unit that fits on mobile screens, placed on your site using an ad tag.

Available sizes: 320x50, 320x100

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Integration is done with standard ad tags to note where you want it on the page.

Available Sizes

Ad unit is available in 320x50 and 320x100 formats.


This is one of our most popular and regularly used ad units.

Mobile Leaderboard

Navigational Elements

It is critical to keep ads far enough away from navigational elements to avoid inadvertent clicks which can cause issues with demand sources.

Plenty of Padding

You need to have proper padding around each ad unit for much the same reason you need to keep ads away from navigational elements.

Pay Attention to Placement

Be careful not to place ads where users’ thumbs might fall on the screen to start scrolling after your site loads.

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