This award recognizes Playwire's cutting-edge DE&I campaign product in the advertising ecosystem.

January 1, 2023, Boca Raton, FL - Playwire, a global leader in developing innovative ad tech solutions for publishers and advertisers, is excited to announce it was awarded the 2022 DEI Google Certified Publishing Partner Award for its customized DE&I (Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion) campaign product for advertisers.

This award spotlights Playwire’s commitment to fostering a more inclusive advertising landscape — one that provides brands the tools they need to reach a more representative audience with their campaigns.

About Playwire's DE&I Campaign Product

Playwire’s DE&I campaign product offers advertisers innovative solutions for breaking biases in their advertising strategies. Developed with a keen focus on reaching a culturally representative audience that mirrors the general population, the tool avoids disproportionately targeting specific groups.

"To kick-start the process, our direct sales team collaborates with brands to align on key campaign goals such as interest-based, behavior-based, and audience targeting," said a Playwire spokesperson.

The DE&I product leverages Playwire’s code-on-page technology to identify audiences through various diversity-centric lenses. This includes race, gender, religion, and sexual orientation, among others. All of this work is done with strict adherence to privacy norms, thanks to Playwire’s IAB-certified Consent Management Platform (CMP). 

Also, in partnership with Nielsen, Playwire offers advertisers access to a reporting platform, ensuring they can measure the effectiveness of their campaigns against targeting and representation requirements. 

Recognition from Google

“Receiving this recognition is a testament to the dedication of our incredible team, who understands that diverse voices and perspectives are not just valuable but essential in the advertising industry,” said says Jayson Dubin, CEO of Playwire, “We will keep pushing the boundaries, challenging the status quo, and striving to create a product for advertisers that supports and reflects the diverse world in which we live.”

About Playwire

Playwire is dedicated to helping publishers and app developers accelerate their businesses by amplifying ad revenue and operating more efficiently. The company’s portfolio includes the management of over 700 publisher properties, serving 70 billion impressions, and streaming more than 1.5 billion minutes of video each month. With ad monetization operations in over a dozen countries, Playwire’s exclusive ad network publisher and partner relationships help brands connect and engage with their desired audiences safely and authentically.

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