HR Director, Toni Marie Sumenek, Takes Playwire Culture to New Heights

A global technology company specializing in revenue amplification for publishers and content creators, Playwire has built it's success piece by piece, brick by brick, over the past decade and a half by building the very best team in the business. Now, more than ever before, Playwire is growing exponentially, which wouldn't be possible without the support of a variety of extraordinary Playwire team members including Director of Human Resources, Toni Marie Sumenek (formerly Teliszewski)

Get to Know Toni Marie

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A member of Playwire for more than 3 years, Toni Marie Sumenek first joined the team in October of 2019 as an Office Manager. Following a short, successful period of time, "[Toni Marie] quickly moved up to Manager of HR and Culture where [she] was a support and resource to the employees," Toni Marie continued, "I’m now a Human Resources Director where I continue to be a resource and offer support to employees, but I now take on a more strategic approach."

In her current role, Toni Marie's job is ultimately to ensure, "employees have the support and tools they need to flourish within Playwire." From the moment you join Playwire, the first face and name you will become acquainted with is Toni Marie's and she is adamant that she remains a resource and main point of contact for all employees throughout the duration of their time with the team.

When asked what her favorite part about Playwire is, it's no surprise given Toni Marie's role that her answer was, "Hands down, it’s the people. I have the privilege to work alongside so many talented and driven individuals," continuing, "We have a very collaborative and supportive environment here and employees just love to be around each another."

Making Success Look Simple

When asked to describe Toni Marie, Playwire CEO, Jayson Dubin, said, "Success does not come easy; however, Toni Marie makes it look so simple," continuing, "I have never worked with a person who is this attentive to detail and can accomplish so much so quickly. I am lucky to have her by my side."

Be sure to check out the video above to learn more about Toni Marie including more on her important role within Playwire and why she recommends working with or for Playwire to everyone she knows!

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