Playwire veteran uniquely qualified to serve as the company’s first CRO and drive continued expansion and rapid growth  


November 5, 2020 — Playwire, a global technology company specializing in revenue amplification for publishers and content creators, today announced the promotion of Anthony Berrena from SVP of Global Revenue to Chief Revenue Officer.

Anthony Berrena has been a crucial part of Playwire’s success for nearly a decade. Initially joining the company as a business development intern, he successfully navigated his way through various management positions to a prominent role as an essential member of the executive team. He served the executive team as SVP of Global Revenue and will continue as the first Chief Revenue Officer. 

As a multi-dimensional and talented executive, Berrena focuses on Playwire’s business development and client support efforts, helping to both retain and quickly expand key partner relationships. These relationships act as the foundation for the company’s strategic footprint and basis for accelerated growth. Berrena is also one of the architects behind the company’s RAMP platform, which is Playwire’s turnkey solution for publishers monetizing in the ever-changing digital advertising ecosystem.

“As CRO, Anthony will be a visionary for our strategic growth and long-term progression,” stated Jayson Dubin, CEO of Playwire. “He’s been an essential contributor at the company for many years, and now will work from a macro perspective on securing revenue for Playwire and our partner brands, while fostering innovative thinking throughout his team and continuing our best-in-class business standards.”

In his new role as Chief Revenue Officer, Berrena will be responsible for driving revenue for Playwire through their comprehensive set of advertising products, services, and channels, which includes RAMP, Kids Club, PlugIN!, Retail IQ, and Trendi Video. These solutions help content creators, retailers, and publishers to best monetize their user bases with fully-optimized ads placed seamlessly throughout text and video content.

“Although over 13 years old, the opportunities ahead of Playwire are endless,” said Anthony Berrena, “I am excited to roll up my sleeves as CRO, and continue to forge new partnerships with leading brands across a multitude of industries while continuing to maximize revenue for Playwire’s existing partners such as Toys “R” Us, NASDAQ,, Collider, and Kidoodle. I look forward to increasing Playwire’s capabilities to drive revenue for partners around the world.”

About Playwire

Playwire is a global revenue amplification company with the knowledge and technology content owners need to maximize revenue and grow their audiences. The company’s portfolio includes management of over 450 websites, serving 12 billion video and display ads, and streaming one billion minutes of video each month. Playwire’s exclusive partner relationships help brands to connect and engage with their desired audiences in a safe and authentic manner. Playwire is headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, with business operations and satellite offices spanning from San Francisco to Singapore.

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