Lunchables®“Lunchabuild This” Metaverse Takeover Campaign Results in Massive Engagement on Roblox, Setting the Stage for Growing Relationship and Future Programs

NEW YORK, July 12, 2023 - Playwire, a global technology company specializing in maximizing ad revenue for publishers and app developers, announced today that the company has won a Digiday Media Award for its Lunchables “Lunchabuild This” metaverse takeover campaign on Roblox. The campaign, which was conceived and deployed in less than two months, featured experiences and holiday-themed opportunities to interact with the Lunchables brand and resulted in tens of thousands of hours of user engagement on the Roblox platform.

Playwire also announced that the company would be an inaugural member of the new Roblox Partner Program. Designed to enable a self-serve, global advertising ecosystem on the Roblox platform, the program’s community-forward approach is focused on engaging a broad network of platform advocates – from Roblox developer studios to early adopters among agencies, brands, and third-party sellers – in global education and best practice sharing for brands.

“This recognition from Digiday is a testament to the innovative technology and out-of-the-box thinking we bring to all our client engagements,” said Jayson Dubin, CEO of Playwire. “Brands use Playwire to ensure they get top-tier creative and amazing mechanics. It’s harder than most people think, but it’s what we deliver as a top-tier agency.”

In Playwire’s award-winning Lunchables “Lunchabuild This” Roblox experience — which was developed in partnership with Starcom, Suit Up Games, Poptropica, and Misfits — users work together to collect Lunchabuild items to create constructions and protect themselves from bizarre invaders and disasters. Users can also show off their building and survival prowess by leveling up and earning better gear, wearing crazy outfits, and adopting adorable pets. The Lunchables “Lunchabuild This” Roblox experience delivered strong engagement including 68,545 hours of total engagement time, 1,010,441 total unique visits (as of December 31, 2022), and 13,932,987 total impressions.

“As a brand, Lunchables aims to power kids’ creativity through buildability and inspire whatever they can imagine, whether that’s with their food or in gaming,” said Samantha Mills, Associate Director of Brand Communications for Lunchables. “Our work with Roblox highlights the endless possibilities for what kids can build with Lunchables, even outside of reality, and we are so thrilled with the results of this award winning work.”

“Roblox is more than just a video game; it’s an infinite amusement park without borders that lives outside of all known natural laws that limit us in reality. It’s where people come to learn, play and explore a digital version of themselves,” Dubin said. “Our goal in this partnership is to work with Roblox and advertisers to develop age-appropriate experiences for every life stage while helping brands deploy creative marketing strategies across the Roblox universe that safely immerse audiences in brand messages.”

The Roblox Partner Program network will focus on four core areas to help brands reach their business goals: platform education, research and measurement, product/content innovation and Immersive Ads for faster on-platform content discovery. Brands and talent that want to create a successful presence on Roblox can turn to Roblox Partner Program members for help with creating visibility in the platform, while also delivering value to Roblox users.

“The foundation of our business is helping individuals, publishers and anyone with web connected audiences maximize their revenue potential through an intelligent digital ads platform that does the heavy lifting for you,” Dubin said. “Extending our mission into the virtual world of Roblox is another exciting frontier we are thrilled to be a part of.”

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