NEW YORK, NY, June 10, 2021Playwire, a global technology company specializing in revenue amplification, announced today they are partnering with Outfit7 through a strategic partnership for collaborators in North America, offering integrated solutions through direct sales. Outfit7, a dynamic force in mobile gaming, best known as the creator of the Talking Tom & Friends mobile games, animated series, and media franchise. The company has over 16 billion game downloads, 79 billion views across global streaming platforms and TV channels and reaches 430 million monthly active users in the world. 

“Outfit7 is continuously finding ways to level up the gaming experience for our players. With our games in the Talking Tom & Friends universe being mostly monetized through ads, we deeply care about the potential impact on user experience, privacy, and compliance. Our goal is to allow brands to reach the right users in the safest way possible in the mobile ecosystem. We believe that connecting with Playwire and their extensive partner’s list in the USA is the first step in our mission to deliver the best experience,” told Igor Lautar, senior vice president of digital sales at Outfit7.




In this partnership, Playwire will be responsible for driving monetization and brand partnerships across Outfit7’s portfolio, which bolsters more than 20 mobile games for all age ranges. Playwire and Outfit7 have dreamed up three new-to-market integrations to start with that empower brands with high custom native placements, driving deeper engagement, time spent, and brand recognition for partners. They will also have regular access to Outfit7’s Standard ad formats to create a comprehensive ad offering to the brands. By utilizing Playwire’s ad tech platform RAMP and proprietary {RI} Revenue Intelligence® this will ultimately deliver higher yields overall.

“It’s remarkable what Outfit7 has accomplished within the gaming industry, and Playwire couldn’t be more pleased to represent them as their monetization partner. We have high standards for ourselves and those we support. This partnership will push the demand and be customizable to scale in an effort to support their growth and Playwires. '' said Jayson Dubin, CEO of Playwire.

About Outfit 7 

Outfit7 Limited is a dynamic force in mobile gaming. Powered by creativity and industry-leading expertise, the company’s talented international team of over 350 people pushes the boundaries of the possible every day. From award-winning family fun to heart-thumping strategic action, the Outfit7 entertainment ecosystem is always growing. The company’s games have now been downloaded over 16 billion times in total, and up to 430 million fans play with them every month.

About Playwire

Playwire is a global revenue amplification company with the knowledge and technology content owners need to maximize revenue. The company’s portfolio includes management of over 250 billion auctions per month, serving 32 billion video and display ads, and streaming 1.5 billion minutes of video each month. Playwire’s exclusive partner relationships help brands to connect and engage with their desired audiences safely and authentically. Playwire is headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, with business operations and satellite offices spanning from San Francisco to Singapore. For more information, please visit