If we told you we weren’t going to do any product updates in April, you’d probably guess that was an April Fool’s joke. You’d be right. We did a lot this month on both the desktop and mobile sides of the coin.

Web Updates

Here’s an update that can have a big impact on publishers’ revenue: We added the ability to use Blockthrough in your header bidding configuration to mitigate ad block technology. That means you can implement this tool to recover revenue lost to ad blockers, a growing problem for publishers.

We also updated our refresh logic in order to improve fill rates. We don’t want to get too far into the technical weeds on this, but the basic idea is that we try filling an ad again immediately after failing to fill a request.

In the background of all of that, our team was also working to update Magnite and some other partners on the demand and SSP sides to make sure our video player and display technologies were sending the proper signals.

App Updates

April was a big month for apps at Playwire. To start, we made our publishers’ app inventory more attractive to buyers by updating our app content taxonomy. This allows your app to send the correct content signals, allowing buyers to more granularly transact on those signals. The result is higher CPMs.

We also made updates to the following mediation partners to update SDKs and dependencies across the board: Google Ad Manager, AdColony, AppLovin, Chartboost, InMobi, ironSource and Vungle.

This was perhaps the biggest app-side change in April: We made it so that Playwire can completely control your server-side config files and make adjustments. That means you have to make way fewer updates — you don’t have to do a release or touch any app store when we do a release. No more big changes for demand stack optimizations.

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