Playwire Product Updates: Price Floor Controller, App Configuration, and RAMP Responsiveness

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CURrent updates

Revenue Intelligence {RI}

The latest innovation coming out of our Revenue Intelligence technology and team, Playwire's new automated Price Floor Controller leverages proprietary machine learning models to hone in on the perfect price floor for every ad request made on your site. 

Taking into account a myriad of factors, it develops a nuanced and constantly updated understanding of how buyers value your site's inventory and users. 

What is the result of all this incredible technology? Smarter floors mean higher CPMs and amplified revenue for you.

Learn more about Revenue Intelligence {RI} here.


App Configuration

Last month, we announced that we were in the process of automating our Mobile App SDK configuration file. This update is officially live!

Now the process of integrating Playwire’s Mobile App SDK will be more streamlined than ever, and the updated config files will enable Playwire to make additional revenue optimizations without having to bother publishers to make an app update with every minute change.

If you’re an app publisher, you can upgrade to the latest SDK version today!


RAMP Responsiveness

We recently made updates to the responsiveness of our RAMP Platform to improve the user experience across devices. Publishers with larger monitors can now fit more beautiful data into their screens!


Demand Sources

As a result of our regular and extensive yield experimentation, we recently made updates to a variety of header bidding settings. 

These updates include adding new display header bidders as well as new sources of demand for site takeovers. To learn more, please contact us.


RAMP 2.0

Avoid any disruptions to the way you view your analytics as well as with your overall revenue stream with our RAMP 2.0 update!

For more details regarding this update as well as step-by-step instructions, please review this important documentation. Please note you will need to login to your RAMP account to review the linked documentation.

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Advanced Yield AnalyticsGet Simple, Robust Analytics with RAMP's Advanced Yield Analytics!


Advanced Yield Analytics for App

As we continue to bolster our analytics offerings for app, we’ll be introducing a deeper suite of Advanced Yield Analytics powered by GA4.

Coming soon to an app near you, publishers will gain access to our most advanced yield analytics yet — with potential for more powerful reporting than ever before and an integration process that has never been easier through our mobile SDK.

Stay tuned for more info on the development of this initiative as we approach the new year!

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