“Busy” is probably the best word to describe the month of March around Playwire HQ. All month, our teams were hard at work making our products more valuable to publishers on both the web and app sides.

Web Updates

On the web and desktop side, we were focused heavily on updating our data management platform (DMP) this month. There were lots of other, smaller things, such as adding support for Yahoo! as a display header bidder, but the DMP took center stage.

Our proprietary DMP collects your first-party data and combines it with historical third-party data and data from our massive network of publishers. Always with privacy and data compliance top of mind, we create unbelievably high-value audience segments that land you sky-high CPMs.

App Updates

On the app side, March was the month of storyboards and layout files. Namely, we added support for this functionality. Now, developers can organize ad units and everything else in their app in storyboards and layout files.

That’s as opposed to having to include separate SDK components for each piece. Basically, that means we have further streamlined the process of integrating ad banners, among other inventory spots.

Meanwhile, we also updated age of consent signals to remain in compliance with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule (COPPA). 

Finally, the development team added a logger that notifies app developers of output so they can see how everything is working when they are testing integrations and similar changes. We’ve been working on this one for a while, and in March, we added it for rewarded video — now, rewarded video information posts to the logger.

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