Playwire Product Updates: Knowledge Base, Ads.txt, COPPA & Our Configurable CMP

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Get Answers Faster in the Knowledge Base

Find the answers to your RAMP questions faster with our newly streamlined Knowledge Base. The latest overhaul of the Knowledge Base makes it much more searchable. There’s also a lot more product documentation in general, so if you need an answer, you’re going to find it fast.

In addition to making the Knowledge Base more user-friendly, we have also streamlined the onboarding process within it. RAMP up your revenue faster than ever.


While we have had a dynamic ads.txt solution available for some time, we have continued to optimize the experience of using it and our shifting to dynamic ads.txt files as the standard across our network. Playwire regularly adds and optimizes demand sources, and it's important that all publishers keep their ads.txt file up to date.

The benefits of using Playwire's dynamic ads.txt solution:

  • Always up to date
  • Valid and error-free
  • Requires little to no additional maintenance by the publisher

Stay One Step Ahead of Google’s New Ad Targeting Restrictions

Google announced that it was going to restrict ad targeting for audiences who are younger than 18. Although Google wasn’t clear about how, exactly, it planned to restrict ad targeting for this group, for COPPA publishers, this sounds eerily like the proposed COPPA 2.0, which would raise the age limit for COPPA restrictions to 18.

As Google figures out exactly what they’re going to do here, Playwire is busy building solutions for our many COPPA publishers. Big waves like this hit children’s web publishing somewhat frequently, and there’s always a solution. We’re going to find it and implement it for you.

We promise to keep you posted on what we find out and the solutions we build. Stay informed on our blog.

CMP Configuration Options

The latest product update gives you more configuration options in RAMP's built-in Consent Management Platform (CMP). You'll notice a new look for the configuration settings that are meant to help you stay on top of compliance.

Get to know our CMP.

Bonus Updates

  • Boosted CPMs for flex leaderboard and other units by moving them out of page and streamlining serving.
  • Added new header bidders.
  • Built single-source inventory management for publishers with multiple subdomains.

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