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Make a statement! A premium, full-width ad format that adheres to remain in-view as the user scrolls through the site. Format can include video. Dynamically injected into your site by our script.

Sticks to the left or right side of the user’s screen, vertically centered, while they scroll through a page, without blocking content. Unit is dynamically injected into your site, in the proper spot, by our script.

Available sizes: 160x600, 300x600

Unit combines Desktop Leaderboard and Medium Rectangle units, dynamically serving background skins in the left and right empty areas of your site. High yield feature, activated on high-advertiser-spend campaigns.

Required Units: Above the fold 970x250 Leaderboard & 300x250 Medium Rectangle

List of most recent articles from your RSS feed are shown coupled with an ad. Dynamically injected into your site, at a location of your choosing, by our script.

Available sizes: 300x250, 320x50

+ High Volume
App Open

Takes up the full screen and occurs immediately upon the opening of the app. Served only once per user per session. Dynamically injected into your app by our SDK.

Available in all standard full screen sizes.

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