In-App Interstitial

One of of the most commonly used in-app ad formats.

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About the Ad Unit

Takes up the full screen and occurs in between phases within your app. Served only once per user per session. Dynamically injected into your app by our SDK.

Available in all standard full screen sizes.

Available on:



This ad unit is dynamically injected into your app at a set frequency of once per session.

Available Sizes

Ad unit is available in all standard full screen mobile device sizes.


This is one of our most popular and regularly used ad units.

In-App Ad Unit


In the app space, users are very accustomed to interstitials, just make sure not to go crazy on frequency. Always balance frequency with user experience.

Screen Changes

We recommend limiting interstitial use to just between app screens, when a user would expect a full screen change.


It's best to be strategic when placing interstitials and look to choose the point where they best fit into the user experience, like when there is a natural break.

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In-App Interstitial

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