Ad Yield Ops 102: Building Your Blocking Strategy

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Module Overview + Resources:

In this module, we'll discuss how to build your ad blocking strategy.

Within the above video, we'll provide a brief overview of all the lessons that will be covered within our Ad Yield Ops 102 module, which include:

  • Why a blocking strategy is Important
  • How to build a blocking strategy
  • How to manage ongoing blocking
  • Google Ad Manager (GAM): Managing protection
  • Amazon Publisher Services (APS): Managing ad quality

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Read the Transcript:

Welcome to ad yield ops 102. This module will talk about building your blocking strategy. 

In this module, we'll start by covering why your blocking strategy is important, what the goals and outcomes of building a blocking strategy are, and the benefits and drawbacks of blocking appropriately versus over blocking. 

Then we'll cover how you build your blocking strategy. In this section, we'll break down the differences between category and URL blocks as well as cover some of the most common blocking strategies most publishers need. 

From there, we'll cover how to manage your ongoing blocking strategy. This includes managing blocks over time as no strategy is “set it and forget it.” 

And lastly, we'll cover a few tactical implementations of blocking, including how to manage protections in GAM and how to manage ad quality and Amazon publisher services.