Being a publisher is hard. Being a successful one is harder. That’s why you need a monetization partner who demands more for you.

At Playwire, that’s how we spend our time. We work hard to demand and secure more for the publishers we work with — more inventory types, more data, more revenue

In this post, we take a look at seven ways Playwire demands more for publishers. If you’re ready for our expert publisher revenue team to demand more for you too, contact us today.

Expert Revenue Amplification Guidance for Publishers

Let’s get real about something for a minute: as the tectonic plates of ad revenue opportunities shift beneath your feet, it’s hard to keep your balance as a publisher. 

Will this new video player harm the user experience (UX)? Should I go all-in on display banners or focus on premium inventory with custom creative? These questions are tough because the answers are different for every publisher.

We have the answers. Our publishing revenue experts guide publishers to the perfect balance of monetization and UX. We take the time to walk through your site, game or app with you and understand your concerns and desires. Then, we give you the road map that will get you where you want to be. 

With Playwire, you get unlimited access to our expert team. That means you never have to fly blind as you try to increase your revenue.

Mountains of First-Party Data

You may think access to first-party data only matters to advertisers, but take a moment to zoom out. With third-party cookies ending or at least shrinking drastically, first-party data becomes more valuable than gold. Your own first-party data becomes more valuable, as does the first-party data from the countless publishers who work with Playwire.

What do we do with all this first-party data? We compile, categorize and organize it in our proprietary data management platform. When it all comes together, we have a treasure trove of user data that advertisers will pay handsomely for.

For you, that means Playwire gets you access to higher revenue for your inventory. Advertisers use our platform to find the publishers who have reach with the audiences they are targeting. When they find you, you get paid more because advertisers are sure they’re going to reach the right people.

Unmatched Audience Reach

Speaking of reach, we’ve got it — with almost any audience anywhere. Advertisers pay premium prices for inventory that reaches the right people at scale. Publishers who work with Playwire benefit from that by joining an elite group of publishers who can command higher inventory prices because Playwire has mined, understood and packaged their unique audiences into a product for which advertisers will pay top dollar.

We push revenue even higher for you by offering custom creative that allows advertisers to reach specific and unique audiences in the ways that will be most effective. Bringing a human touch to every campaign — programmatic or not — ensures advertisers’ expectations are met, which leads to more revenue opportunities for publishers later on.

Specialized Ad Units You Can’t Get Anywhere Else

Selling banner spots and basic video pre-roll is fine — it’s the backbone of a lot of publishers’ revenue strategies — but we want more for you. That’s why we offer custom ad units. Customized ad units satisfy advertisers’ unique needs, present ad content to your audience in a way they’ll appreciate and get more revenue for publishers. They also look great.

We do gamified video, skinned pre-roll, flex leaderboards, takeover packages, web interstitials and more to keep advertisers coming back to pay our publishers more again and again. And we’ve found a way to allow each of these unique ad types to actually be sold programmatically, a feat you won’t find anywhere else.

Multi-Channel Support for Everywhere You Have Content

A single channel just doesn’t work for publishers these days. Two probably won’t cut it either. To succeed as a publisher in 2021, you have to have your content in a lot of places: apps, over-the-top (OTT) channels, video platforms and old-fashioned web content, among others.

Wherever your content is, Playwire is there, too. We offer support for publishers on every channel where content is published, not to mention ad units that fit the medium. That way, we grow and evolve with you and you’re never in the dark as you seek out new revenue opportunities on new channels.

A Direct Sales Team to Maximize Your Revenue

Programmatic advertising presents incredible, scalable revenue opportunities for publishers, but it isn’t the whole picture if you want to maximize your revenue. Playwire demands more revenue for publishers by providing a worldwide direct sales team dedicated to maximizing your yield. 

Gone are the days when you had to hire, train and equip salespeople to get the high-value direct insertion order (IO) buys from advertisers who are interested in your content specifically. Playwire takes care of all of that for you. With sales boots on the ground on multiple continents, our direct sales team get the juicy sales that perfectly complement the automated programmatic sales we facilitate for you.

An In-House Creative Team

Whether you’re wanting to break into video content or offer gamified interstitials, Playwire’s in-house creative team has what you need. There’s nothing more frustrating for publishers than to have a vision but lack the time and resources to make it real. We help you avoid that frustration.

How? By using our world-class video production and creative team to help you maximize your revenue. Here’s just one example of many: for text-focused publishers who want to bring in video ad revenue, we produce engaging, informative videos in their verticals. That way, they have something they can be proud of in their on-site video players. And users have a reason to keep watching.

Ready to Demand More?

Demanding more for publishers is one thing. Actually getting more is another. Let us prove we can get more for you. Reach out to Playwire to learn more about how we can demand more for you, call us at 1-561-206-4621 or contact us online.

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