You want to know what gets us more excited than anything else? Publisher results, that's what!

Yeah, you can catch us nerding out and getting excited about programmatic advertising, header bidding, app monetization and so much more, but the thing that gets us really excited is seeing publishers win.

Improving the results publishers can realize from monetizing their digital properties with ads is why we get up every morning. We are thinking about publishers while we brush our teeth and make our breakfast right up until we close our eyes to go to sleep at night.

All of this just makes us even more excited that we get to share some third party data from Oracle Moat.

Ad Unit Performance Metrics Released by Oracle Moat

Oracle Moat is a measurement and marketing analytics suite built to help publishers measure their media performance across all channels on which they run campaigns.

Oracle recently released some pretty exciting statistics regarding the performance of some of our ad units that have us beaming with pride. So we just had to share!

Oracle notes that Playwire’s Flex Leaderboard Ad Unit is outperforming average leaderboard units across key metrics based on Oracle Moat benchmarks, including:

  • 149% average in-view time increase
  • 173% higher average universal interaction rate

The article goes on to note that many clients are using Playwire's Flex Leaderboard to great success.

The article cites a particular example of  one global brand’s consumer campaign, in which the brand's campaign outperformed Oracle Moat’s in-view time benchmark by 368% and maintained an overall quality score of 848 out of 850.

Oracle also notes that Playwire has achieved a brand safety rating of 99.8% for the entire ad inventory across its portfolio of publishers. 

Playwire's Flex Leaderboard

Playwire’s flex leaderboard ads offer high impact across multiple devices. 

Sticky flex leaderboards are a premium, full-width ad format that remains in view as the user scrolls through the site. The ad starts out tall, to give advertisers significant visual real estate upon load, and then shrinks and stays sticky to the top of the viewport as the user scrolls down to stay in view without disrupting user experience.

This custom unit supports everything from standard banner fare to content galleries, video and gamified calls to action. Advertisers jump at the chance to purchase this inventory, with metrics like 100% viewability, a 0.7% CTR, a 1.5% engagement rate and an 80% video completion rate (VCR).


Learn more about the performance of our Flex Leaderboard and some of our other highest performing ad units in this article.

Our Dedication to Publishers

Evolving ad technology and increasing advertiser demands make it challenging for publishers to successfully manage their own advertising while creating great content for their users.

Through our complete monetization platform, RAMP®, publishers never have to worry again. Playwire’s turnkey solution has the entire ad ecosystem covered! Publisher ad revenue is maximized while yield ops, direct sales, and custom creative teams work diligently in your best interest.

Our continued investment in publisher success through innovation and features in our RAMP Platform has helped us drive key metrics like those released by Oracle and paved the way for receipt of the Digiday Technology Award for Best Monetization Platform for Publishers in 2020

And we have no plans on slowing down. So Publishers, hold on to your hats.

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