Key Points

  • Header bidding is a necessity for any publisher who wants to maximize their ad revenue.
  • But there's more than one header bidding solution - in fact, there are dozens.
  • Playwire's header bidding solution broadens demand, simplifies implementation and management, and drives yield higher.

In the digital advertising industry, there are thousands of examples of header bidding done wrong. And there are only a few examples of it done right. We're proud to say that the publishers who work with us are setting header bidding examples that many other publishers can only dream of achieving.

That's big talk, but we're comfortable with it because we can back it up with our header bidding solution. It works like no other header bidding platform out there, but it actually works for publishers.

In this post, we're going to walk you through some examples of how our header bidding solution works. Read on to learn more.

Our header bidding solution is already the best in the ad tech industry, and it keeps getting better. You can be a part of it and reap the rewards. All you have to do is reach out to Playwire.

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The Complete Guide to Header Bidding

Read the Complete Guide to Header Bidding

About Playwire's Header Bidding Solution

Collectively, the Playwire team has a long view of the ad tech landscape and overall digital ad space. Early in our company's life, we kept on seeing examples of header bidding failing publishers, and we decided to do something about that.

Years later, the result was Playwire's header bidding solution, a key component of the RAMP (Revenue Amplification Managed by Professionals) Platform. 

If header bidding was a step forward for the digital ad space, the whole of the RAMP Platform was a giant leap. That's because it incorporates all the best parts of header bidding - client- and server-side bidders, the democratic and transparent header auction process, and more - with direct ad sales on a global scale and predictive analytics powered by machine learning.

Header Bidding Examples: Playwire vs. Regular Header Bidding

But how does it work? That's a fair question, and it's admittedly a complicated process, but we illustrate how Playwire's header bidding solution works by placing it alongside regular header bidding examples. That's exactly what we've done below.

Setup and Implementation

If you're doing DIY header bidding, you have to find a header bidding wrapper or code one yourself. Often, publishers will go to Prebid and use their header bidding wrapper. 

Then, you have to link in each and every header bidder from whom you would like demand for your premium inventory. You have to put it all on your site and make sure it correctly calls your servers and multiple demand partners. It's days, if not weeks, of dev and engineering work.

The more demand sources you include in your setup, the higher your CPMs will be. However, the effort required to set up as many sources as possible can be both resource and cost-prohibitive.

With Playwire, you implement RAMP with a single line of code on your website. Our team verifies that everything is working as it should, and we incorporate all of the most important sources of demand across programmatic advertising, as well as direct demand fueled by our sales team.

Revenue Optimization

Once the header bidding actually starts happening, if you're on your own, you have to manage it on your own. Trust us - your initial setup won't be your final setup if you're doing this right. That's because there are hundreds of factors, parameters, and header auction rules you need to be constantly tweaking to maximize your yield.

Playwire's header bidding solution, on the other hand, doesn't ask you to do any of that. Instead, we leave it to our expert team and our proprietary Revenue Intelligence algorithms. Our team takes a look at your header bidding efforts every day to make sure everything about your setup is working optimally, and our algorithms look at the system and change it constantly to make sure your ad revenue is always at its maximum.

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The Complete Header Bidding Resource Center

Custom Rules

Just because we have advanced machine learning algorithms using science and hard numbers to maximize your yield doesn't mean that everything is out of your control. In fact, with Playwire, you maintain just as much control as you would if you were doing it on your own.

The only difference is that we make it easy to do so. You can customize any bid request rules for any header bidder based on your preferences, and we'll make sure it's done.

Other Demand Sources

When you're doing header bidding on your own, you choose a header bidding platform, set it all up, and hope that you're doing it right. Most publishers go with one of the well-known platforms, such as Google AdX (ad exchange), Google's Exchange Bidding and Open Bidding, Amazon's Unified Ad Marketplace (UAM), and Transparent Ad Marketplace(TAM), or the Prebid Server.

Those are all fantastic choices, but there's one problem: If you choose just Google ad Open Bidding or just the Prebid Server, you're missing out on the demand from the others. Playwire solves that problem for publishers. How? By incorporating demand from all of them.

For both web and app publishers, when you do header bidding with Playwire your ad inventory goes up for auction across every major demand source - not just one. The result is the highest bids on every ad impression.

But we couldn't just leave it there. And you won't get this with other header bidding examples: We have built a global direct sales team that has made inroads with the biggest brands and agencies in the world. We put your ad inventory in front of them and loop that direct demand into your ad revenue flywheel to drive your CPMs even higher.

Playwire: Header Bidding and Much More

Header bidding alone will only take you so far. When you're ready to implement a header bidding solution that takes your revenue to new heights every quarter - remember that there's header bidding and there's Playwire. And only the latter will maximize your revenue the way you need it to be maximized.

As your header bidding partner, we work hard to make sure our header bidding solution leads the pack. We bring in new sources of demand; we do global direct sales; we are building a leading data management platform; and we have a proprietary, revenue-optimizing algorithm that's learning more as we speak. That's all just us putting publishers and their revenue first.

Are you ready to be put first? Contact the leader in header bidding and a whole lot more: Playwire.

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